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10 Ingenious Year-Round Employee Appreciation Ideas

March 1st isn’t just Employee Appreciation Day; it’s a reminder that gratitude shouldn’t be a once-a-year affair. Limiting appreciation to this single date is a fleeting gesture that hardly does
5 1 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

The Big 4: Shaping the Future of 2024 Events

The landscape of event planning in 2024 is characterized by dynamic and immersive experiences. These events transcend traditional boundaries, offering attendees…
Santa's Sleigh Ride | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

A Winter Wonderland in NYC: How We Transformed White & Case LLP’s Holiday Party

New York City – Twinkling lights, festive cheer, and a sprinkle of our magic turned White & Case LLP’s NYC office into a Winter Wonderland. We embraced the ho…
Multiball LED Snowballs | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Elevating Dell’s Holiday Festivities with a Dash of Interactive Magic

As the holiday season approached, Dell’s Round Rock, Texas, location buzzed with the anticipation of their annual holiday party. But this year, Dell aimed to go…
Synthetic Ice Skating Rink | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Tropical Winter Oasis: Power Design’s Cross-Generational Holiday Party

In the bustling city of St. Petersburg, Florida, Power Design stands not just as a leader in electrical contracting but as a purveyor of multigenerational exper…
North Pole Photo Booth | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Festive Fun and Games: Lidl’s Holiday Party Lights Up the Season

This year, Lidl decided to take its holiday party to the next level at its Arlington headquarters. Understanding the importance of building strong team bonds an…
Giant Present Dive | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

West Valley Wonderland: State Farm Stadium’s Holiday Spectacle

The past weekend’s West Valley Wonderland at the State Farm Stadium was not just a seasonal event; it was a vivid tapestry of holiday cheer woven with out-of-th…
Custom Mobile Escape Room for CVS Health

Harnessing Storytelling: The Must-Have for 2024’s Event Success

In today’s digital-dominated landscape, live events emerge as vital platforms for brands to truly animate their stories. These events slice through the online c…
Holographic DJ | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Bringing AWS re:Invent Into the Future with a Holographic DJ

When Factory360, a creative marketing agency renowned for its trailblazing experiential strategies, envisioned a unique entertainment experience for Amazon’s re…
Multiball LED at University of Michigan Tailgate | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Touchdowns & Tech: Elevating the Michigan-Ohio State Rivalry with Multiball LED

In the world of college football, the Michigan vs. Ohio State game stands as a titan of rivalries. This year’s encounter was no less epic, with Michigan securin…
Giant Snow Tubing Slide | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Spring Semester in Disguise: Winter Wonders to Warm Up Your Campus Events

As the so-called “spring” semester continues to masquerade in winter’s attire, we see an opportunity to turn this seasonal deception into a cause for celebratio…
1Untitled design by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Our Year in Review: 2023 Wrapped

As we reflect on the past year, it’s clear that it’s been nothing short of extraordinary for Interactive Entertainment Group. Our journey through the year has b…
Meeting Held at Washington Nationals Park | BizBash Sports Summit 2023

A New Playing Field: Insights from the BizBash Sports Summit

The BizBash Sports Summit is a pioneering event dedicated to the sports event industry, bringing together top professionals and thought leaders to share insight…
Expensify's Custom Prize Crane | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Elevating QuickBooks Connect with Agency EA

In the dynamic world of corporate events, making a memorable impact is paramount. This is precisely where we stand out, as demonstrated in our recent collaborat…
Holiday Party Meme by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

6 Reasons January is the New December for Holiday Parties

January is fast becoming the go-to month for hosting corporate holiday parties. Here’s why this shift makes perfect sense, offering a unique blend of practicali…
Human Claw

6 Game-Changing Sports Activations to Inspire Your 2024 Events Strategy

The world of sports marketing is constantly evolving, and 2023 was a year marked by innovative activations that not only captivated audiences but also set new b…
Giant Human Claw at Cydcor's 2023 National Conference | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Elevating Corporate Events with Strategic Entertainment: A 2024 Outlook

As we forge ahead into 2024, the landscape of corporate events is witnessing a significant transformation. Entertainment, once viewed as a peripheral aspect, ha…
Bumper Cars on Ice | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

The Future Is Festive: Your Next-Level Holiday Party Checklist

Ah, the holiday season: a time of traditions, mistletoe, and ugly sweaters. As you prepare for your annual bash, it’s time to put aside conventional notions o…
Augmented Reality Climbing Wall | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

“Back to the Future” with Workday Software: A Time-Traveling Corporate Bash by Freeman

In the heart of the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, a spectacular event unfolded, reminiscent of the beloved ’80s movie series “Back to the Future”. Hosted at t…
Triple Pop-a-Shot | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Illuminating the Fight Against Cancer: Highlights from the Moonlight and Miracles Gala

The Moonlight and Miracles Gala, an esteemed event hosted by Ochsner Health, has been a beacon of hope in the fight against cancer since 2013. This elegant, bla…
Giant Screen Pac Man | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Cybersecurity Meets Interactive Fun: Inside Our Role at ISC2 Security Congress 2023

The ISC² Security Congress 2023 was not just a congregation of cybersecurity professionals; it was a celebration of the relentless spirit and intellectual prow…
Giant Light Bright | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

WebexOne: How Our Interactive Experiences Enhanced the Premier Tech Conference

In an era where the blend of digital and physical experiences is crucial for impactful events, we brought a unique twist to WebexOne, Cisco’s premier collaborat…
Giant Mini Golf | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Elevating KubeCon: A Night of Innovation with Hello DMC

KubeCon, powered by the Linux Foundation, stands as a pioneering event in the tech world, attracting around 9,000 attendees this year. The highlight was undoubt…
WIN A 150 HOLIDAY BREAKFAST by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

2023 Holiday Party Guide: Entertainment for Every Office Personality

As the holiday season approaches and the office party looms on the horizon, it’s time to think beyond the cookie-cutter festivities. This year, why not tailor t…
Untitled design by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

The Science of Brand Loyalty: Why Psychology is Key in Your Event Strategy

Brand loyalty is not conjured out of thin air—it’s the alchemy of emotional connection, psychological insight, and, increasingly, the magic of interactive exp…