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Gushers' Zap-a-Mole at VidCon 2023 | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

VidCon 2023: Freeman’s Bursting Booth Experience

VidCon, the celebration of online video culture, saw an interesting confluence of traditional snack brands, digital influencers, and the power of experiential marketing. Freeman, a global leader in brand experiences, was instrumental in bringing these elements together to create a unique and unforgettable brand experience for General Mills‘ popular snack lines – Gushers and Fruit-by-the-Foot.

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Bud Light's Ultimate Sports Arena at VeeCon 2023 | Experience By Interactive Entertainment Group

3 Mixed Reality Experiences Revolutionizing Fan Engagement

Keep reading to uncover three mixed reality experiences that are revolutionizing fan engagement and get exclusive insights from Patricia Dukofsky, VP of Interactive Entertainment Group and esteemed member of BizBash’s Sports Advisory Board. From mind-blowing holograms to interactive gaming walls, Dukofsky shares her unique insights on how each experience is reshaping the way fans engage with sports.

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