2022 Wrapped: New Experiences, Viral Moments and More

December 19, 2022

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As the year comes to a close, we’ve put together a recap of some of our best and biggest moments.


Introduced New Experiences

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Throughout 2022, we turned convention centers across the country upside down as we debuted our VR 360, a virtual reality simulator that turns a full 360 degrees. Read about the experience here.


Launched a Newsletter 

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We launched NEXTNOW in January 2022, giving our subscribers an exclusive look on what’s trending and what’s to come in experiential events. The newsletter also features a team spotlight, highlighting the key people who make our team great.


Became a Viral Sensation 

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Not only did our human claw successfully draw in attendees at this year’s VidCon, but it also resulted in millions of impressions on TikTok thanks to influencers like @CringeCarter and @Kaleigtv. Beyond social media, the brand has also secured media coverage on top sites like Yahoo, Vulture, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed and NBC.


Received an Industry Award 

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BizBash included our founder, Gregg Dukofsky, in its coveted list of Industry Innovators: shining a spotlight on 13 event professionals who are using truly innovative thinking to push the boundaries of live experiences. Gregg had the honor of participating in October’s Industry Innovators Summit, giving insight into how he navigates industry relationships today.


2022 Stats 

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  • 509 events produced
  • 331 clients served
  • 102% annual growth

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