Industry Innovators Summit: Navigating Industry Relationships Today

October 28, 2022

From cutting-edge topics to engaging networking opportunities, BizBash’s Industry Innovators Summit went beyond today’s trends to uncover the future of the events industry.

The two-day virtual event was filled with a variety of thought-provoking panels featuring top industry leaders. Our founder, Gregg Dukofsky, had the honor of participating in one of the panels, giving insight into how he navigates industry relationships today.

According to Gregg, the key to creating long-term, creative partnerships with event planners and producers is to be someone your clients can count on and to “knock it out of the park every time.” He added that this involves seamless processes across his sales, logistics and production teams.

The pandemic has certainly changed the nature of these partnerships. For Gregg in particular, the biggest change involves more emphasis on achieving an event goal. “Rather than a one-way sales transaction, client calls have become more about brainstorming how we can tie our products into the their objectives,” Gregg says.

While he feels his partnerships are evolving for the better, he does draw attention to some of the challenges that come up in keeping them strong and successful. For Gregg, the main challenge involves coming up with innovations that allow his team to stay ahead of the curve.

“The world is constantly changing, and if you aren’t coming up with fresh ideas, you become less valuable to your partners and they might go looking somewhere else.” Gregg said.

Another challenge facing many in the industry involves shrinking lead times. “In general, we have always operated across short lead times. But now that there are a lower number of vendors coming out of the pandemic, they’ve become even shorter.” Gregg said. To combat this challenge, Gregg has strategically scaled his business with hubs across the US. These hubs allow him to significantly reduce his staff’s travel time and expenses.

With over 35 years in business, Gregg’s had his fair share of successes over the years. Of all his partnerships, his favorite ones involve his company’s Giant Human Claw Machine. Similar to the classic claw machine you’ve seen in an arcade, except guests become the claw, diving for prizes in a giant custom pit. “One of my favorite ways the claw has been used was for Sam’s Club’s holiday activation, transforming the claw into a giant present dive for the holidays. Gregg said. “Our prize pit was made to look like a giant present and was filled with gifts.” Gregg added that his team customized his human claw for Wendy’s, Salesforce, Fruit of the Loom, Sci-Fi Networks and many others.

To close out the session, the moderator asked Gregg what he values most in a partnership. For Gregg, his biggest ask is that the client isn’t so stuck on an initial idea and is open to brainstorming. “When our clients allow their ideas to flow freely in a candid conversation, it allows us get as creative as possible in bringing their vision to life.” Gregg said.

Hopefully Gregg’s insight on this panel gives you the tools to succeed in your current and future industry partnerships. Watch the full panel here.

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About Industry Innovators Summit

With cutting-edge session topics, thought-provoking case studies, and engaging networking opportunities, the inaugural Industry Innovators Summit broke the mold of traditional virtual events and left audience members feeling inspired to push the industry forward.

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