BizBash’s 2022 Industry Innovators: Gregg Dukofsky

October 4, 2022


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Gregg Dukofsky, founder of Interactive Entertainment Group

Event publication BizBash just announced its coveted list of 2022 Industry Innovators, and our founder, Gregg Dukofsky, is one of them! The list shines a spotlight on 13 event professionals who are using truly innovative thinking to push the boundaries of live and virtual experiences.

As part of our founder’s feature, he answered some questions about how he stays inspired, what the concept of “innovation” means to him, and much more. Keep reading for a glimpse into his responses.

How Gregg Got His Start

Before launching Interactive Entertainment Group, Dukofsky owned a recording studio where he focused on producing promotion music videos for brands. “It wasn’t until my friends visited my studio and goofed off with the equipment that I had an idea for a new company, allowing everyday people to star in their own music video,” he remembers.

What Sets Gregg’s Business Apart

“Rather than seeing us as a vendor, our clients look at us as a long-term partner for achieving their event goals,” he explains. “Whether a client is looking to boost attendee engagement, generate leads, or show employee appreciation, they know they can rely on our creativity, professionalism, and logistical capabilities to consistently bring their vision to fruition.”

What Innovation Means to Gregg’s

“Rather than following trends, my team prides itself on creating them and staying ahead of the curve. Whether an idea comes to me at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m., I’m always thinking about how I can put a spin on emerging (or existing!) technology to create something fresh and exciting for my clients and the industry,” he says.

Gregg’s Favorite Thing About Working in Events

“I’ve always had a love for games, and the fact that I’ve been able to translate this passion into a career brings me unimaginable joy,” Dukofsky says. “But besides doing what I love every day, what is most rewarding to me happens at the events themselves. I love seeing people’s faces light up while interacting with one of our experiences. It’s humbling knowing all the smiles I’ve helped create since starting my business over 30 years ago.”

Read the full feature here.

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