Floor tape will be used to ensure guests are kept at an appropriate distance while interacting with any product.

Multiball LED


Physical activity and gamification unite with Multiball, our NEW mixed reality sports simulator. Equipped with high precision sensors, Multiball accurately tracks each player’s spatial position and senses ball contact in real time. From a soccer-inspired darts game to tennis-inspired tic-tac toe, the simulator features over 35 adrenaline-pumping gaming options for all skill levels. 

Customize the game to your event with branded gaming graphics. 



  • Projector package: mount and HDMI cable
  • Console: sound system, sensor processing unit, motion tracking camera 
  • Sensor System: Stainless-steel frame with built-in ball detection sensors 
  • Impact-proof LED screen 
  • Indoor and outdoor functionality 



  • Branded gaming graphics 


Technical Elements

  • Dimensions: 161 x 112 x 5.5 in 
  • Space Requirement: 181 x 181 in 
  • Electricity: 5x 20 amps 

Holiday Beverages

Taste the true spirit of the season with holiday-inspired beverage art. From hot chocolate topped with snowflakes to coffee topped with reindeer, choose from a variety of drink and design options for guests to bond over. 


Giant Present Dive

Featuring a giant present facade, our Giant Human Claw Machine just received a holiday-inspired twist. After strapping into a harness, event guests will plunge into a jolly abyss of tempting presents.


  • Get lifted into the air on a crane
  • Get dipped into a present pit full of prizes


  •  Customization
    • Branding and wrapping available
      • I.e., side walls, front and back screens and add extra walls for extra branding
    • Customize prizes inside pit


Space Requirement: 25ft x 25ft x 20ft h

Electricity: (3) dedicated 20 amps outlets.

Load-In: Double doors required, no steps, 20ft clearance

Virtual Racing Chairs

Featuring high-res graphics and realistic steering controls, our virtual racing chairs allow guests to against one another for a chance to rank on the leaderboard. Add to the experience with custom chairs and gaming graphics. Spectators become part of the ride as they watch each race via external monitors.

*all pictures are examples of the attractions we offer. Actual attraction style and color can vary based on availability.*

Speed Pitch

Put your pitching skills to the test with this customizable baseball game featuring a speed radar.

*all pictures are examples of the attractions we offer. Actual attraction style and color can vary based on availability.*

Top Doc

Save the patient from impending doom by removing his ailments.


  • When the player touches the wand to a game piece, it automatically latches onto the wand. Should contact be made with the cutout, the magnetic wand automatically turns off and the piece drops.
  • Games are available in easy, medium, or hard difficulty levels.
  • Set the LED display to record number of mistakes or total time taken.

LED 4 in a Row

Using the jumbo LED buttons, players alternate turns and drop a digital puck into the game board. Get four in a row in any direction to win!

Sit Down Soccer

A simple but addictive two-player table soccer game. To play, each player sits on opposite benches acting as goals. Just protect your net, trick your opponent and score. That’s it! 



  • The winner of Rock/Paper/Scissors gets to start 

  • Kick-off always inside your own goal area 

  • You must be seated at all times 

  • Always keep your feet on your own side of the field 

  • The first one to score 3 goals is the winner of the set 

  • You need 2 sets to win the match 


  • Table soccer game table with two chairs 

  • Side nets and goal nets 

  • Impact-resistant tabletop 

  • Game mat 

  • Official game ball 

  • 20-30 minutes to assemble/take apart 



  • Branding and customization 


Space Requirement 

  • Table

    • 56.69 in x 35.04 in x 29.53 in (L x W x H) 

  • Chair

    • 17.72 in x 32.68in x 17.72 in (L x W x H) 

  • Area required for the game 

    • 35.04 in x 92.13 in 

  • Total weight 

  • 110.23 lbs 


LED Signing Wall

Spark some creativity at your next event with our LED signing wall. After completing a custom phrase on transparent stickers, guests will peel and stick their unique response onto the wall for all to admire.

Giant Beer Pong

From corporate outings to private gatherings, channel your inner college kid with our life-sized version of a classic game. Each time a player throws the oversized ball, they aim to eliminate the other teams giant red cups until none remain.

Key Features

  • Gameplay: Multi-Players, Teams Throw Ball Into Opposing Giant Cups
  • Equipment: 12 Giant Cups, Volleyballs


  • Customization: Branding and wrapping available
  • Dust Covers - $695

Technical Elements

  • Space Requirement: 30ft x 10ft
  • Electricity: No power needed
  • Load-In: Inquire
  • Miscellaneous: Product style may vary based on availability


  • $7,995

Giant Snow Globe

Step inside the fun with our customizable photo activation.


  • Inflatable blue base + blower
  • Custom backdrop


  • Custom base + skirt
  • Photo props

Technical Elements

  • Space requirement: 12ft x 12ft x 14ft h
  • Electricity: 20 amps


  • $7,995 plus shipping
  • Ships 4-6 weeks from deposit

Giant Pin Art

Cue the nostalgia with a giant version of a classic toy. Individuals will make their mark by pressing their body or pre-built shapes on a giant wall, featuring over 110,000 non-breakable plastic pins.


  • Create Art With Pins, Gameplay: One Player


  • Custom pin templates - $750 ea
    • Shapes and logos 
  • Branded top sign - $1,550

Technical Elements

  • Space Requirement: 6ft x 6ft x 7ft h


  • $12,500

Giant Battleship

Experience the classic 70s game like never before with our giant rendition. In head-to-head battle, players search for the enemy’s fleet of ships to destroy them one by one. With realistic-looking naval crafts, Battleship puts players right in the middle of the action.


  • Gameplay: Two Players, Call Out Coordinates To Sink Opponent’s Ship
  • Equipment: Aircraft Carrier, Destroyer, Submarine, Patrol Boat And Battleship


  • Customization: Branding and wrapping available
  • Lights and sound - $2,500

Technical Elements

  • Space Requirement: 8ft x 12ft x 6ft h
  • Electricity: (1) dedicated 20 amps outlet
  • Load-In: No steps
  • Miscellaneous: Product style may vary based on availability


  • $10,995

Virtual Graffiti Wall

Channel guests' creative side with this art-inspired photo activation featuring an interactive wall. After snapping a photo, guests grab realistic graffiti cans to decorate their photo with sprayed light. Guests can choose from a variety of colors, stencils, animations and stickers. Once guests finalize their creation, they can receive instant prints and share via social media, text or email.


  • Backgrounds
  • Custom Artwork
  • Interactive Spray Cans
  • Paint Style And Color
  • Personalized Pictures


  • Background
  • Customization
    • Footer with logos and text


  • $13,500

Selfie Hashtag Photo Booth

Featuring an Instagram inspired exterior and prints made to look like your feed, our Selfie Hashtag Photo Booth brings the fun of social media straight to your event. After taking a photo with the kiosk, it can instantly be shared via social media, email or text. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Guests take a photo from their smartphone or directly at the kiosk
  • Step 2: Guests use your custom event hashtag when posting to Instagram
  • Step 3: Photos instantly print at the kiosk


  • High Quality Printouts
  • Custom Hashtag
  • Upload Or Take Pictures With Our Kiosk


  • Branding and wrapping available
  • Customization: Print outs


  • $12,500

Giant Light Bright

Be the ultimate artist with a classic toy reimagined, featuring a giant illuminating surface with colored pegs to match. Whether you display a custom brand or message or let guests’ imagination run free, the way the surface used is entirely up to you!


  • Multi Player
  • Place Pegs On Board
  • Create Your Design


  • Customization: Branding and wrapping available


Technical Elements

  • Space Requirement: 10ft x 10ft x 8ft h
  • Electricity: (1) dedicated 20 amps outlet
  • Load-In: Double doors, No steps, No tight turns, An 8ft clearance
  • Miscellaneous: Client must ensure a dark area, Product style may vary based on availability



  • $10,500

Giant Operation Deluxe

You don’t need to be a doctor to treat this patient! Players will use giant tongs to carefully remove specified body parts from the the board. But watch out! If the tongs touch the side of an opening, Cavity Sam’s nose will light up and a buzzer will sound! The player who successfully cures the most ailments wins!


  • Customization: Branding and wrapping available

Technical Elements

  • Space Requirement: 10ft x 10ft x 8.3ft
  • Electricity: (1) dedicated 20 amps outlet
  • Load-In: No steps
  • Miscellaneous: Inquire


  • $14,750

Urban Hoops

Slam dunk your next activation with Urban Hoops, a city inspired basketball game gone high-tech.


  • Basketballs, Chain Link Fence And LED Flatscreen Scoreboard
  • Equipment: Four Hoops, Four Lanes
  • Gameplay: One To Four Players
  • Two Game Modes:Tournament Mode And Carnival Mode


  • Banners and cardboard cutouts
  • Customization
    • I.e., score board graphics, Skinned ball return

Technical Elements

  • Space Requirement: 10ft x 10ft x 8ft. 8ft clearance
  • Electricity: (1) dedicated 20 amps outlet
  • Load-In: No steps
  • Miscellaneous: Client must provide (1) highball cocktail table with linen *Product style may vary based on availability



Bumper Cars on Ice


Bumper cars and ice skating unite for the ultimate winter-themed experience. Guests will have a blast as they bump, slide and spin their way across our synthetic ice surface. Without the need for water or electricity, this winter sport can be played anytime and anywhere! 

*all pictures are examples of the attractions we offer. Actual attraction style and color can vary based on availability.*

Slapshot Interactive


Take your best shot with our interactive slapshot station, featuring a synthetic ice surface and an embedded speed radar. To play, guests will compete for the fastest goal. Without the need for water or electricity, this winter sport can be played anytime and anywhere! 



  • Refined finishing 

  • Synthetic ice 

  • Dasher boards with durable transparent panels 

  • Embedded ice hockey shot speed radar with display 



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