Tetris Takeover: Endpoint Clinical’s Innovative Engagement at DIA 2023

July 7, 2023
Play Video about Giant Tetris | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

The DIA 2023 Global Annual Meeting might not be the first place where you’d expect to find a classic game like Tetris. However, breaking the conventional event mold, Endpoint Clinical astounded attendees with its uniquely interactive approach to engagement.

Partnering with The Exhibit Source on its booth design, Endpoint Clinical created an unforgettable experience that left a remarkable impact on participants, all while sharing information about their leading-edge clinical trial solutions.

Endpoint Clinical: An Introduction

Endpoint Clinical, a leading provider of technology solutions that facilitate interactive response technology (IRT) for global clinical trials, attended the DIA 2023 Global Annual Meeting with the goal of engaging attendees in a unique and memorable way. Traditionally, clinical technology might not be the first topic that most would associate with exciting and interactive exhibits. But at the DIA 2023, Endpoint Clinical flipped the script.

The Exhibit Source: Designing for Engagement

To accomplish this goal, Endpoint Clinical sought the services of The Exhibit Source, a trusted expert in booth designs. With a focus on creating an engaging, interactive, and memorable experience, the team worked to integrate our Giant Tetris into Endpoint’s booth.

The booth was designed to draw in attendees with its aesthetic appeal and the irresistible draw of the Giant Tetris game. With bright, colorful Tetris blocks lighting up a sizable LED screen, the booth was a beacon for fun and interaction amid the sea of traditional exhibit displays. Borrowing the nostalgia of a beloved classic, the game served as an effective ice breaker, a tool for networking, and a symbol for Endpoint Clinical’s innovative approach. Attendees were drawn in by the game, its retro vibes providing a perfect conversation starter.

As participants played, attendees couldn’t help but notice the parallels between the game and Endpoint’s services. Just as Tetris requires strategic decision-making to fit all pieces into place efficiently, Endpoint’s IRT solutions help trial managers effectively piece together complex clinical trials.

The Outcome: High Engagement and Connection

The result was a booth that not only drew in large crowds but also facilitated meaningful conversations. Attendees were not just passing by; they were stopping, engaging, and leaving with a deeper understanding of Endpoint Clinical’s offerings. This unique approach fostered a deeper connection between the participants and the Endpoint brand.

The exhibit also gave Endpoint Clinical the chance to demonstrate its innovative spirit in a tangible way, showing that they’re not just another company in the clinical trial technology sector—they’re a team of creative problem solvers. It just goes to show that sometimes, thinking ‘inside the blocks’ can lead to the most effective strategies!

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