Revving Up Support: How Indy Impact 2024 Drove Donations Over the Finish Line

May 6, 2024
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In the vibrant heart of Indianapolis, the Rev Indy Impact 2024 event marks not just the beginning of the greatest month in racing but also symbolizes a powerful force for community and philanthropy. Hosted by Rev, this spectacular event kicked off its 2024 edition with an evening filled with the best of what Indiana has to offer: exhilarating fun, delectable food, and a gathering of community spirits. What made this year exceptionally notable were experiences provided by our collaboration with the IU Health Foundation, which played a pivotal role in bringing this event to life.

A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The Indy Impact 2024 not only celebrated Indiana’s rich racing heritage but also underscored the ongoing partnership between IU Health Methodist Hospital and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway—a relationship steeped in history and mutual commitment to safety and healthcare excellence. This event, IU Health Foundation’s largest annual fundraiser, has a noble purpose: supporting the IU Health Emergency Medical Center at the Speedway and trauma and critical care programs across Indiana.

A Touch of Innovation

Our team at Interactive Entertainment Group was tasked with enhancing the guest experience while aligning with the event’s charitable goals. We introduced two cutting-edge entertainment solutions: the Selfie Hashtag Photo Booth and Proto Hologram.

Selfie Hashtag Photo Booth | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Selfie Hashtag Photo Booth | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

The Selfie Hashtag Photo Booth was not just a hit; it was a centerpiece, offering VIP photo opportunities with the event’s Honorary Co-Chairs, Heather & Ed Carpenter. Each photo printout was thoughtfully designed to include the sponsor logos, thereby blending memories with gratitude towards the sponsors who helped make the event possible.

Proto Hologram | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Proto Hologram | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Our Proto Hologram provided a dazzling display of the LifeLine helicopter, accompanied by the slogan “Fueling a New Era”. This not only captivated attendees but also educated them, as the prominent QR code embedded in the display led to more detailed information about Rev’s mission and impact. This innovative use of holographic technology brought a sense of futurism to the event, aligning perfectly with the forward-thinking ethos of Rev.

Beyond the Event

The success of Indy Impact 2024 is measured not just by the funds raised but also by the lasting impressions it leaves on its participants. Through strategic use of interactive technology, we helped IU Health Foundation create a memorable evening that went beyond traditional fundraising. By integrating advanced digital tools, we provided a dynamic platform for engagement, education, and entertainment, ensuring that every attendee left with a deeper connection to the cause and a smile on their face.

As we reflect on the event, it is clear that our collaboration with IU Health Foundation not only elevated the guest experience at Rev but also set a new standard for how events can harness technology to enhance their impact. At Interactive Entertainment Group, we are proud to contribute to such significant causes, proving once again how innovative entertainment solutions can transcend traditional event expectations and foster a deeper community impact.

IU Health Foundation
The IU Health Foundation advocates for transformative health initiatives across Indiana, supporting a wide range of care programs and research projects. It stands as a beacon of community support and healthcare excellence, focusing on raising funds to enhance and expand critical and trauma care statewide. Through strategic partnerships and significant fundraising events, the Foundation actively improves health outcomes for all Hoosiers.

Rev is a premier annual event that celebrates the rich racing heritage of Indianapolis while raising funds for trauma and critical care programs supported by the IU Health Foundation. Set against the exhilarating backdrop of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, this event combines gourmet food, live entertainment, and a festive atmosphere to support a vital cause. Since its inception, Rev has raised over $10 million, making a significant impact on health care across the state.

Indy 500
The Indianapolis 500, often referred to as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” is an iconic American motorsport event held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Known for its high speeds and rich traditions, the race is a cornerstone of the IndyCar Series and draws hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world. The Indy 500 not only celebrates the thrill of racing but also contributes significantly to the local culture and economy of Indianapolis.

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