A Recipe for Success: Mini Donuts Add a Sweet Spark to AANS 2024

May 7, 2024
Play Video about Mini Donuts Station | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

At the 2024 AANS Annual Meeting in Chicago, a key event for neurosurgery professionals, Derse, renowned for crafting impactful brand experiences, teamed up with Interactive Entertainment Group to bring a unique touch to the GE HealthCare and BK Medical booth. Known for their strategic design capabilities, Derse sought to create a booth that was as engaging as it was informative, aligning with the companies’ visions of enhancing healthcare through technology.

The booth featured a Mini Donuts Station from our team at Interactive Entertainment Group, where attendees could customize donuts with chocolate, vanilla, or the distinctive purple frosting, echoing the corporate colors, along with various sprinkles. This interactive treat not only drew more visitors but also mirrored the personalized healthcare solutions offered by GE HealthCare and BK Medical, emphasizing their commitment to innovation and patient care.

Mini Donuts Station | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Mini Donuts Station | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

This strategic integration of a simple culinary delight into the booth design effectively increased visitor engagement, extending the duration of interactions and enriching the overall experience. The customizable nature of the donuts served as a metaphor for the companies’ tailored healthcare approaches, subtly enhancing their branding message at the conference.

Moreover, the inclusion of the donut station provided a light-hearted break from the intense medical discussions, underscoring the brands’ dedication to patient comfort and care. It proved that even small, thoughtful details could significantly boost brand perception and help achieve strategic event goals.

Wrapping Up

By adding a touch of sweetness to a professional medical event, Derse and Interactive Entertainment Group demonstrated how innovative, thoughtful engagements could seamlessly complement and elevate a brand’s presence at significant industry gatherings, making the experience memorable for all attendees.

Derse specializes in designing and executing trade show exhibits and experiential marketing solutions that help companies stand out and connect with their audience. With a focus on strategic brand engagements, Derse crafts memorable experiences that translate clients’ goals and messages into dynamic physical spaces. They are known for their innovative approach and ability to deliver measurable results through compelling, thoughtfully designed presentations.

GE HealthCare is a leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator. The company is committed to providing clinicians around the world with the tools they need to deliver high-quality diagnostic care. GE HealthCare’s products and services are designed to foster clinical and operational excellence across imaging, diagnostics, and monitoring to improve patient outcomes and access to care.

BK Medical operates at the forefront of medical imaging, specializing in advanced ultrasound systems. Their technology is used across a range of surgical procedures, enabling real-time imaging that supports surgical decisions and improves patient outcomes. BK Medical is dedicated to enhancing the safety and efficacy of medical procedures through innovative ultrasound solutions that provide clear, actionable insights during operations.

AANS2024 The AANS Annual Meeting 2024, hosted at McCormick Place in Chicago, is a premier gathering for neurosurgeons and related healthcare professionals. This event features a comprehensive program that includes workshops, scientific sessions, and hands-on training designed to advance the field of neurosurgery. The AANS2024 serves as a pivotal platform for sharing innovations, discussing challenges, and networking with peers in the neurosurgical sphere.

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