Introducing Our NEW Website

January 9, 2023

Our team is thrilled to announce the launch of our new website.

The site features a variety of experience categories (virtual realitygiant games, etc.) and event types (experiential eventstrade shows, etc.), making it easier than ever for you to find entertainment options that align with your event goals. Not only does the website simplify the planning process, but the site’s blog and press sections also act as a resource for event inspiration.

“While developing our new website, my team and I tried to put ourselves in the planner’s shoes,” said Gregg Dukofsky, our Founder + Visionary. “I can confidently say that we have accomplished this, packing a bevy of unique experiences and event inspiration into one easy to navigate interface.”

Other notable features include testimonialsawards, and meet the team pages, giving users piece of mind while positioning Interactive Entertainment Group as a trusted source in the industry.

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