How Veritas Group Elevated Knight Foundation’s Presence at the IRE Conference

June 28, 2023

In the competitive arena of brand presence, the difference between getting lost in the crowd or leaving a lasting impression lies in the ability to create authentic, interactive experiences that connect with the audience. Veritas Group, a full-service communications and production firm, specializes in crafting such experiences. Their expertise in relationship-building, truth, and industry knowledge, along with a budget-friendly approach, results in limitless possibilities for their diverse range of clients.

This was clearly demonstrated at the 2023 Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) Conference, where Veritas Group masterfully guided the Knight Foundation in establishing a strong and memorable presence.


Painting a Picture of Community: The Live Photo Mosaic Wall

Photo Mosaic Wall at IRE 2023 | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Photo Mosaic Wall at IRE 2023 | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

At the heart of the Knight Foundation’s stand was the Live Photo Mosaic Wall, a brilliant idea developed by the Veritas Group. The mosaic wall was much more than just a beautiful visual spectacle. It was an interactive experience, a manifestation of the Knight Foundation’s mission, and a tool for creating a sense of community amongst the attendees.

In a striking display of artistry and technology, the Photo Mosaic Wall formed the Knight Foundation’s logo. What made this so special? The mosaic was made up of hundreds of photos taken by our dedicated staff at the conference. Some photos were snapped against a white backdrop at the booth, while others were candid moments captured by a roaming photographer throughout the event.

As each picture was taken, it was digitally added to the mosaic in real time, allowing participants to watch as the logo emerged throughout the day. This live update not only garnered intrigue but also fostered a sense of collective contribution towards a larger picture, metaphorically mirroring the Knight Foundation’s vision of a sustainable future built by the collective efforts of local news outlets.


Engaging Playfully: The Giant Foosball Xtreme

Giant Foosball Xtreme at IRE 2023 | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Giant Foosball Xtreme at IRE 2023 | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Veritas Group further pushed the boundaries of engagement with our Giant Foosball Xtreme. Branded with the Knight Foundation’s logo and their inspiring slogan, “Building a Sustainable Future for Local News”, this popular game drew attendees to the booth, creating a lively atmosphere and a platform for discussions.

Beyond the fun, the Foosball Xtreme served a deeper purpose. As participants teamed up and strategized to win, it emphasized the message of the Foundation: the need for collaboration and collective effort to strengthen local journalism. Every goal scored, every cheer echoed, reinforced the Foundation’s mission and presence.


The Power of Customization and Authentic Connection

The resounding success of the Knight Foundation’s presence at the IRE Conference stands as a testament to the Veritas Group’s direct approach, emphasizing tangible results and authenticity. Rather than sticking to a single industry or method, Veritas Group transcends boundaries, drawing from a diverse array of tactics and industries to create a unique, meaningful experience for each client.

In the case of the Knight Foundation, Veritas Group didn’t just showcase a brand—they told a story, fostered a community, and left an unforgettable impression. They weren’t simply a logo or a catchy slogan, but a compelling presence that resonated with the ethos of every attendee.

In essence, the value Veritas Group brings to their clients lies not just in their ability to create awareness, but in their capacity to craft opportunities. Their approach to communications and production is dynamic, versatile, and ever-evolving—everything, everywhere, every day. The result? An unforgettable brand experience that not only captures attention but also connects and inspires.

Veritas Group

Veritas Group is a full-service communications and production firm known for their boundary-breaking approach. Serving a diverse array of clients, from start-ups to established corporate brands, the Veritas Group champions truth, relationships, and industry knowledge. Offering a budget-friendly approach, they specialize in creating authentic, engaging experiences that deliver tangible results. Their dynamic and versatile methodologies result in endless possibilities and create opportunity – everything, everywhere, every day.

Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE)

Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) is a grassroots nonprofit organization committed to improving the quality of investigative reporting. Founded in 1975, the organization provides a platform for journalists worldwide to share story ideas, new methodologies, and resources. Through its annual conferences, IRE provides training, promotes collaboration, and upholds the standards of investigative journalism.

Knight Foundation

The Knight Foundation is a national foundation that champions the potential of journalism and the arts as vehicles for fostering informed and engaged communities. Known for its investment in these areas, the Foundation believes in the importance of quality journalism and robust arts institutions for the healthy functioning of democracy. The Knight Foundation’s commitment to creating sustainable futures for local news is a testament to their mission to support the evolution of media in the digital age.

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