Ditch the Desk: 5 Reasons to Host an Outdoor Event

June 21, 2023

Are you ready to leave behind the conventional corporate event mold and immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of the summer season? Time and again, the monotony of office-centric meetings and events has proven to hinder creativity and motivation, leading to less than optimal results. In fact, a study by Stanford University has shown that a significant number of office workers suffer from Vitamin D deficiency due to spending most of their working hours indoors, which can lead to decreased morale and productivity.


So, why not shake things up a bit? It’s high time you capitalized on the revitalizing energy and thrilling possibilities that come with hosting your next corporate event in an outdoor setting. Here are five compelling reasons to infuse your corporate event with the dynamic allure of open-air fun:


1. Level Up on Team Building

5 5 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Hungry Hungry Humans | Experience By Interactive Entertainment Group

The real world doesn’t come with cubicle walls. Let your team build bonds in an environment that’s as wide open as the great outdoors. In the race to conquer the surfing simulator or during the hilarity of inflatable axe throwing, your team will be creating shared memories and strengthening the bonds that make for a cohesive and productive unit. It’s team building with a dose of sunshine.


2. Boost Morale with a Dose of Vitamin D

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Giant Pool Table | Experience By Interactive Entertainment Group

A day outside is not just about fun and games; it also has tangible health benefits. Exposure to sunlight increases Vitamin D levels, which improves mood, helps our bodies absorb calcium, and can boost overall well-being. A happier, healthier team? That sounds like a win-win situation.


3. Breaking Down Barriers in the Open Air

Wipe Out | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Wipe Out | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Hierarchy can often get in the way of real, authentic communication in the workplace. Hosting a corporate event outdoors with activities that put everyone on a level playing field can help reduce these barriers. Nothing says ‘we’re all in this together’ like watching your CEO try to stay upright on a surfing simulator!


4. Fresh Air, Fresh Perspectives

Giant Mini Golf Course | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group
Giant Mini Golf Course | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

A change of environment is a proven way to stimulate creativity. By taking your team outside the confines of the office, you’re not only providing a breath of fresh air literally but figuratively too. The casual and relaxed atmosphere of outdoor events can encourage new ideas, enhance problem-solving skills, and foster innovative thinking.


5. The Joy of Adventure

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Giant Human Claw Machine | Experience By Interactive Entertainment Group

Remember when you were a kid, and you felt that thrill of embarking on an adventure, whether it was exploring your backyard or a local park? It’s time to rekindle that feeling for your team. Organizing an outdoor event can introduce an element of adventure that’s usually absent from the daily office routine. A little excitement can go a long way in making your team feel more enthusiastic and engaged.


So, as you can see, the decision to host your next corporate gathering outdoors isn’t just about embracing summer – it’s a strategic move that could greatly benefit your team and your business as a whole. By introducing an element of open-air fun to your corporate events, you’re providing a platform for enhanced creativity, productivity, and overall well-being, whilst also demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and unforgettable experiences.


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