A Toast to Innovation: Adobe Acrobat’s Picture Perfect 30th Anniversary with Hartmann Studios

June 28, 2023

Adobe Acrobat, a pioneer in digital document technology, recently marked its 30th year. To commemorate this significant milestone, a grand celebration was in order. To ensure the event was as innovative as Adobe itself, the company enlisted the expertise of Hartmann Studios, known for creating one-of-a-kind experiences.

Held at the impressive Adobe Founders Tower in San Jose, Hartmann Studios worked its magic to infuse the event with innovative activities that truly represented Adobe Acrobat’s groundbreaking journey.


Capturing the Moment

Infinite Photo Booth and Turntable 360 Photos | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Infinite Photo Booth and Turntable 360 Photos | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

One standout attraction that perfectly mirrored Adobe Acrobat’s spirit of innovation was our Infinite Photo Booth, paired with our Turntable 360 Photo surface. This duo created an immersive, technology-driven experience that was a hit among the attendees.


Our Infinite Photo Booth offered a range of unique effects such as boomerang, slow-mo, and GIF capabilities, symbolizing Adobe’s commitment to diverse and flexible digital solutions. The booth also featured a green screen with custom backgrounds, embodying Adobe’s creativity and its capability to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. In addition, photos could be directly uploaded to social media, reflecting Adobe’s understanding of the importance of digital connectivity in the modern world.

Infinite Photo Booth and Turntable 360 Photos | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Infinite Photo Booth and Turntable 360 Photos | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

The 360 Photo Surface further amplified this experience. Offering 360-degree photos, it embodied Adobe’s vision of looking at things from different angles and dimensions. Together, these interactive technologies not only created a fun environment but also echoed Adobe Acrobat’s transformative role in digital technology.


A Playful Ice-Breaker

The celebration wasn’t just about technology, though. Our Giant Foosball Xtreme brought the right blend of creativity and playfulness to the event, resonating with Adobe’s ethos of making work enjoyable and interactive. This giant, custom-branded foosball table served as an ice-breaker and an engagement tool, offering a unique way to foster camaraderie among the attendees.

Giant Foosball Xtreme at Adobe Acrobat's 30th Anniversary | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Giant Foosball Xtreme at Adobe Acrobat’s 30th Anniversary | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

This 30th anniversary celebration was a spectacular blend of innovation, creativity, and fun, much like Adobe Acrobat itself. The immersive experiences provided by our Infinite Photo Booth and 360 Photo Surface, along with the Giant Foosball Xtreme, created a rich and engaging atmosphere that made the event unforgettable.

Hartmann Studios’ meticulous planning and execution, coupled with our engaging interactive elements, ensured that the event was not just a celebration but a true reflection of Adobe Acrobat’s remarkable journey. This unforgettable event set the stage for many more years of innovation and growth for Adobe Acrobat. Here’s to pushing boundaries, creating connections, and celebrating milestones in the most memorable ways!

Hartmann Studios

Hartmann Studios is a world-class, full-service event planning and production company that specializes in designing immersive and unforgettable experiences. Founded in 1985, Hartmann Studios leverages its expertise in experiential marketing to create meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. From corporate events to trade shows and exhibitions, Hartmann Studios combines strategic planning, production expertise, and cutting-edge technology to deliver impactful events that capture the essence of a brand, foster engagement, and leave a lasting impression. Their client roster includes some of the biggest brands across various industries, making them a trusted partner in the realm of event marketing.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a family of application software and web services developed by Adobe Inc. to create, view, manipulate, print, and manage Portable Document Format (PDF) files. First launched in 1993, Adobe Acrobat has become the de facto standard for document exchange, trusted by businesses and individuals worldwide. Beyond its PDF creation and editing capabilities, Adobe Acrobat offers features like digital signatures, password protection, and integration with cloud services, making it an indispensable tool in today’s digital landscape.

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