5 Interactive Hospitality Suite Ideas

January 11, 2023

Unlike a typical trade show booth, hospitality suites provide businesses with the opportunity to capture the undivided attention of attendees beyond the show floor.  

While hospitality suites are a place for conducting business, this doesn’t mean they should be stiff. By incorporating interactive elements into the environment, you’re able to get attendees to loosen up, and in turn more comfortable connecting with your team. 

Keep reading for five hospitality suite experiences designed with your goals in mind. 


Giant Foosball Xtreme 

Giant Foosball Xtreme | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

There’s nothing like some friendly competition to get people to open up. While guests may enter your hospitality suite as strangers, our 16-player LED foosball table will leave them feeling a closer sense of connection to other attendees and your brand. 


Mini Golf 

Mini Golf | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

They say golf and business go hand-in-hand, so why not incorporate the sport into your hospitality suite? With branding and customization available, you can putt your way to cultivating deeper connections with prospects. 


Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

When it comes to doing business, treats are always a good idea. But rather than opting for your typical food and beverage options, shake things up with a mystical, creamy dessert whipped up right before attendees’ eyes. Since the dessert can be made in a matter of moments, guests can customize their own flavor on the spot. 


Racing Chairs 

Racing Chairs | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group 

Gamification is a guaranteed way to boost brand engagement. Featuring high-res graphics and realistic steering controls, our virtual racing chairs allow guests to against one another for a chance to rank on the leaderboard. Add to the experience with custom chairs and gaming graphics.  


Virtual iBar 

Virtual iBar | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

When designing a hospitality suite, lounge furniture is standard for creating a welcoming environment. But rather than your typical lounge furniture, spice things up with our Virtual iBar, transforming an ordinary bar into an interactive surface. The bar can display content, respond to hand movement and illuminate objects on the surface, allowing guests to engage in a variety of visual activities. 

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