4 Morale-Boosting Winter Event Ideas

January 9, 2023

The holidays have come and gone. And while the decorations may be down, that doesn’t mean the allure of winter needs to come to an end.

As things slow down in January and February, a winter event is a prime opportunity to get your team excited for the year ahead. From team building games like a winter Olympics to lighthearted activities like ice skating (on a synthetic rink!), keep reading for four experiences guaranteed to boost your team’s morale this winter. 


Winter Olympics 

Winter Olympics | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

From cross-country skiing to curling, bring the olympics to your event with four classic winter-themed challenges. 


Bumper Cars on Ice

Bumper Cars On Ice | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

Bumper cars and ice skating unite for the ultimate winter-themed experience. Guests will have a blast as they bump, slide and spin their way across our synthetic ice surface.


Slap Shot Interactive 

Slap Shot Interactive | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

Take your best shot with our interactive slap shot station, featuring a synthetic ice surface and an embedded speed radar. To play, guests will compete for the fastest goal. Without the need for water or electricity, this winter sport can be played anytime and anywhere! 


Snow Throw 

Snow Throw | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

Our cool NEW Snow Throw game is based off our incredibly popular Axe Throwing games but with a wintery, icy feel. 

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