3 Mixed Reality Experiences Revolutionizing Fan Engagement

July 5, 2023

In the ever-evolving arena of sports marketing, the only constant is change. A recent study by Adweek reveals a compelling statistic: 73% of sports marketers are convinced that the key to unlocking future fan engagement lies in the realm of experiential marketing.

The emerging technology playing a key role in this shift? Mixed reality. At Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG), we are not just spectators of this change, but active participants, steering the course of innovation and defining the future of fan engagement.

Keep reading to uncover three mixed reality experiences that are revolutionizing fan engagement and get exclusive insights from Patricia Dukofsky, VP of Interactive Entertainment Group and esteemed member of BizBash’s Sports Advisory Board. From mind-blowing holograms to interactive gaming walls, Dukofsky shares her unique insights on how each experience is reshaping the way fans engage with sports.


Get In the Game With the Ultimate Sports Arena

Bud Light's Ultimate Sports Arena at VeeCon 2023 | Experience By Interactive Entertainment Group
Bud Light’s Ultimate Sports Arena at VeeCon 2023 | Experience By Interactive Entertainment Group

In a time where fans crave authentic and immersive experiences, the Ultimate Sports Arena is leading the charge by offering ultra-realistic environments where fans can feel closer to the action than ever before.

The Ultimate Sports Arena has been designed to accurately simulate the look, feel, and atmosphere of any stadium around the globe. So whether you want to soak up the electrifying atmosphere of Met Life Stadium or immerse yourself in the iconic backdrop of Allianz Arena, the Ultimate Sports Arena brings that experience to you.

But the realism doesn’t stop at visual and audio effects. One of the main selling points of the Ultimate Sports Arena is the use of actual sporting equipment. Whether it’s swinging a real baseball bat, throwing a genuine football, or kicking an authentic soccer ball, the Ultimate Sports Arena enhances the feeling of truly being in the game. Dukofsky elaborates:

“The Ultimate Sports Arena is not only about replicating physical environments. It’s about offering genuine sports experiences that draw fans into the heart of the action. The use of real sporting equipment makes these experiences more immersive and relatable, strengthening the bond between fans and their favorite teams.”


Gamify the Experience With MultiBall LED

Experiential events and fan activations have become the cornerstone of sports marketing, turning passive observers into active participants. As brands strive to create immersive and interactive experiences, Multiball LED is leading the charge.

The concept of Multiball LED is like a mashup of traditional sports thrill and the captivating aspects of interactive gaming. Imagine playing a game of darts with a soccer ball or even a game of connect four with a basketball. The digitally enhanced wall can incorporate a team or sponsor’s logo, display real-time scores, or create interactive challenges to boost the excitement. This brings a whole new level of engagement, making the spectators feel as if they are part of the game. Dukofsky, emphasizes this point:

“Multiball LED symbolizes the shift from old-fashioned marketing methods to a more interactive and immersive approach. It’s a real-life example of the move towards marketing that you can truly experience and participate in.”


Wow Fans With Holograms of Their Favorite Players

The rise of new technologies has brought with it a wave of immersive marketing strategies. The Proto Hologram, our state-of-the-art holographic display, is at the forefront of this trend. In the world of sports marketing, Proto can be used as a 3D, lifelike projection of your favorite sports stars. Dukofsky elaborates:

“The holographic experience allows fans to interact with sports heroes in ways previously unimaginable. We even have the ability for sports stars to interact with fans in real time.” 

Imagine getting a high-five from a holographic version of your favorite football player, or having a tennis star demonstrate a perfect serve, right before your eyes. Not only is it mind blowing to watch, but it also further enhances the emotional connection between a team and its fans.


The Power of Customization in Sports Marketing

Branding has always been a critical component of sports marketing. However, in the current landscape, it’s not just about sporting a logo. Brands are looking to create immersive experiences that tie back to their identity. Our experiences are designed with this in mind, offering a multitude of opportunities for branding and customization. Dukofsky summarizes it aptly:

“Our approach to sports marketing goes beyond simply offering interactive products. We’re actively contributing to the evolution of sports marketing by intertwining trends with innovative solutions. As we continue to innovate, we look forward to being part of the ongoing transformation of the industry.”

At IEG, we’re excited about what the future holds for sports marketing. Through innovation, personalization, and immersive technologies, we’re determined to continue driving the trends that shape the future of fan engagement. Stay tuned to see how we continue to influence the exciting landscape of sports marketing.

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