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January 30, 2010, The Elizabeth Morrow School’s annual International Day took a “trip” to their country of choice, as they were superimposed into photos of famous locations from various countries.  The students brought home pictures to friends and family from their “visit” to the Taj Mahal, all th
February, 2010, Kim Kardashian’s perfume launch was such a hit in Miami and NYC, IEC and Sephora teamed up again in LA & Las Vegas, where every customer that purchased Kim Kardashian’s new perfume line was given a chance to pose with Kim Kardashian herself in their very own 8x10, superimposed green screen ph
February 19, 2010, IEC joins the Bloomingdale’s team for a successful promotion of the Men’s’ Metro Department, where customers shopping were able to play various games through IEC’s Wii system right there at the Bloomingdales, NYC location! What fun!
February, 2010- Since one day couldn’t be enough for all of the fun in store for the Brooklyn Academy of Music, IEC joined them for their TWO DAY annual Music Festival where they sang and danced with IEC’s 5 in 1.  From Music Videos to Play by Play, the students of the Brooklyn Academy of Music had more tha
March 5, 2010, Elmira College put a twist on what is usually an average college night of fun and biggie sized it!  From Giant Chess, to IEC’s giant Connect 4, to Giant Operation and Giant Jenga, these college students turned their average fun college games into a giant, team building exercise where they lau
March 6, 2010, the Trump National Golf Club gets involved in a hasty situation they might not have know they were in for.  From laughter to curiosity, IEC sends the members for a ride as they attempt to solve this Gangster murder mystery with constant interaction with the audience!
March 6, 2010, IEC goes “live” to a Jersey Bar Mitzvah.  As you enter into cocktail hour, live Oscar statues are posed at the door.  As the party begins, ICE pulls out of their sleeve a room of entertainment for EVERYONE!  From Music Videos to Hot Hats, a Watch Station and Dog Tag Engraving, every
March 10, 2010- IEC joins Nestle Nutrition at their new Baby Formula launch where they celebrate all of their hard work with a Western Hoe Down!  Guests let loose as they rode the mechanical bull and got their dancing shoes on with IEC’s Line Dancers as they learned to Square Dance.  Guests were superi
March, 2010, IEC begins cocktail hour with an intense hour of goldfish racing!  As the party continues, guests are superimposed onto their choice of a background with their friends and family as they take green screen photos that they can bring home as a memory.  Wax hands were also a hit, where each g
March 19, 2010- From Black Jack to Roulette, Clark University hosted a college event with help from IEC and gambled the night away!  Each table included a black tie, professional dealer while students took a fantasy trip to Las Vegas as they rolled the dice and played their cards right!


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