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Client Testimonial
“Hi Interactive TEAM, The activation was success like I’ve rarely seen. Your entire team made the day of look like we’d done this together a million times. I even pointed out that during set up the team moved like a choreographed dance around each other. It helped that every person you brought was a blast to hang out with! @Alvin you were fantastic, navigating security and the hurdles they threw that morning like a true professional. You kept the entire program running perfectly from start to finish. @Kyra and @Marty thank you for your help getting through all of the contracting and waiver mess right up until the last minute. @Danielle I will definitely be setting up a time to talk through capabilities in the next week or so. David mentioned some of the fabrication offerings and that is a definite need I have. Again, thank you all so much for making the last event of the year a great one. I know we’ll be back next year, I am pushing to be closer to the gate so we have more foot traffic!”
ODN, VP Alternative Media