Vendgage: Experiential Vending Machine

Vendgage: Experiential Vending Machine


Jam-packed with experiential technology, this isn't your average vending machine. From data collection to gamification, vendgage your audience with a brandable experience designed with your goals in mind.


  • Customization
    • Branded exterior
    • One custom UX
  • Gamification
    • Dispenses swag once completing a branded game.
  • Data Collection
    • Dispenses swag once entering name, email, etc.
  • Social
    • Dispenses swag once posting hashtag to social media.
  • Video
    • Dispenses swag once custom video is viewed.
  • Survey
    • Dispenses swag once custom servey questions are completed.
  • App Download
    • Dispenses swag once desired app is downloaded.

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