The New Finish Line: How Brands Can Ride the F1 Wave to Rev Up Their Events

September 14, 2023
Racing Chairs |
Racing Chairs | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

The Formula 1 racing scene in the United States is more than just a pit stop; it’s becoming a permanent residence. With attendance records shattered and a 66% uptick in American brand partnerships between 2020 and 2022, the F1 arena has emerged as a goldmine for American brands seeking high-octane engagement. The question is no longer “Should we get involved?” but “How can we fully rev up our brand in the F1 universe?”

The F1 Landscape: A Revving Engine of Opportunity

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F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Track Layout | Photo Courtesy of F1

In 2021, the Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, saw more than 400,000 attendees, setting a three-day attendance record. This rising popularity has led to new races being introduced in Las Vegas and Miami, creating even more opportunities for brands to showcase their offerings. Experts predict an economic impact of $1.3 billion from the upcoming Las Vegas race—a figure that makes the projected revenue for the 2024 Super Bowl seem like child’s play.


If you’ve been keeping an eye on the F1 landscape, you’ll notice events like those showcased in BizBash’s coverage of the Formula 1 Miami 2023 Events and Activations. These events are no ordinary PR stints; they’re masterclasses in brand storytelling. From custom lounges to interactive art installations, brands are going beyond mere sponsorship to create immersive experiences that resonate with F1’s highly engaged audience.

Navigating the Circuit: How to Make F1 Part of Your Brand’s Story

Integrating F1 into your brand’s events strategy isn’t just about having your name seen by millions of viewers. It’s about embracing the F1 culture—a culture that thrives on speed, innovation, and competition.

The Interactive Entertainment Group Advantage

When it comes to making an indelible impression, Interactive Entertainment Group’s suite of products can help you bring that F1 experience right to your audience.

Our VR Racing Chairs don’t just let you watch a race; they put you in the driver’s seat. Imagine having these at your corporate event, allowing attendees to virtually feel every turn and every acceleration.

Take immersion to the next level with our Ultimate Sports Arena, featuring a three-screen simulator that fully engrosses guests in the high-speed excitement of a real Grand Prix racing experience.

For a family-friendly angle, our Mini Race Car Track makes for a perfect addition to any event, providing a miniature but equally exciting race day experience.

For a truly immersive F1 experience that gets pulses racing, incorporate our Motion Racing Simulator, allowing guests to experience the exhilarating turns and straightaways of a Grand Prix circuit in real-time

For those who like to feel the track beneath their feet, Thunder Dome Racing provides a physical racing experience that mimics the thrills of F1.

Want to measure your reflexes against the likes of Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen? Our Batak Pro Challenge pits players against the clock to test their reflexes in a F1 pit crew simulation.

Pit Stop or Finish Line: The Choice is Yours

Whether it’s offering a virtual race experience or a skill-testing reflex game, our products help to integrate the spirit of F1 into your brand’s event, elevating it from just another corporate gathering to an unforgettable experience.

F1 isn’t just a sport; it’s a high-speed conduit for innovation, emotion, and brand storytelling. By crafting a holistic F1 event strategy, your brand isn’t just a spectator; it’s a contender in a global arena that values speed, skill, and spectacle. And in this race, the winners aren’t just those who cross the finish line first, but those who manage to take their audience along for the exhilarating ride.

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