Swinging into Success: Dentive’s Unforgettable Company Outing

May 25, 2023
Play Video about Ultimate Sports Arena: Golf | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

On a beautiful day in Southern California, at the picturesque Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, Dentive hosted its latest company outing. This was the idyllic setting for the outing, an event designed to bring its team closer together and show off some of the crew’s hidden talents. This was an event masterminded by Kapture Vision, the leaders in event design, management, and production, known for dreaming big while meticulously attending to every fine detail.

Dentive, a partner focused Dental Support Organization (DSO), trusted Kapture Vision to design an event that would reflect its values and promote team bonding. The result was a remarkable day filled with memorable experiences. The highlight of the event was the inclusion of our Ultimate Sports Arena – which can be used for almost any sport. This was not just any simulator, but the GPS Golf Simulator, a state-of-the-art system that allows players to use real clubs and balls on virtual recreations of over 200 realistic golf courses spanning 63 countries.

But Kapture Vision and Dentive didn’t stop there. No, they decided to spice things up with a little friendly competition: a “longest drive” contest. Using the golf simulator, employees could compete on virtual Par 4’s and 5’s, taking their shots from the competition tee, men’s tee, or forward position for the ladies. They even had the option to select different weather conditions and wind strengths to increase the challenge, just as if they were playing on a real course!

The competition was fierce. After all, nothing gets the heart pumping like a bit of rivalry! And let’s not forget the custom leaderboard, which tracked each participant’s progress, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the proceedings. It was like the Masters, Dentive style!

When the dust settled, two champions emerged. Dave B. proved he was the king of the virtual fairway, smashing a mammoth drive of 335 yards. Not to be outdone, Christina M. showed that she was a force to be reckoned with, blasting a phenomenal 178-yard drive to claim the women’s title. Their names are now etched in Dentive’s hall of fame, not just for their incredible drives, but for their sportsmanship and camaraderie that added to the day’s unforgettable atmosphere.

The collaboration between Dentive and Kapture Vision, highlighted by the innovative use of the Ultimate Sports Arena golfing simulator, resulted in a company outing that was as engaging as it was exciting. The event demonstrated the potential of creative event design and cutting-edge technology in fostering team relationships and enhancing employee engagement. Dentive’s successful outing provides a valuable model for companies seeking to create unique and impactful team-building events.

About Kapture Vision

Kapture Vision is a leader in event design, management, and production. They are a full-service agency that brings people together, expands partnerships, and creates solutions. With a focus on high-level hospitality and the integration of consumer brands in impactful ways, Kapture Vision helps to create memorable events and experiences.

About Dentive

Dentive is a partner focused Dental Support Organization (DSO) based in Provo, Utah. Dentive’s unique model is based around joining forces with some of the best dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists in the country and providing them expert level business support. All Dentive doctors have complete clinical autonomy while offloading burdensome business tasks to teams of qualified professionals. This allows Dentive doctors to provide a more exceptional quality of care to every patient that they see.

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