Sephora Launches New Hello Kitty Product in Hollywood CA!

July 13, 2011

Since the launch of companies, Hello Kitty, and Sephora, both have been influencing women everywhere to appreciate the meaning of beauty and excellence. Combine the above companies with IEC and you’ve got a dynamic trio. The objective of Sephora’s recent event was to launch their newest product, drive traffic to their stores, and in turn, drum up retail sales of their new cosmetic product. What better way to prove their appreciation for beauty than to capture their guests in photographs! Sephora’s event had a specialty customized photo booth branded with the new hello kitty graffiti logo. The printed stickers from the booth consisted two strips of four. One of the strips were used as a promotional opportunity as store visitors put one on display on a store board and took the other home. In addition to the custom booth, the event also featured a green screen. Guests felt like A-list celebs as they took souvenir photo’s standing in front of a step-and-repeat with the new product displayed behind them.

Click on the link below to view a LIVE STREAM that was done during the event!!

photo 2 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

photo by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

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