Pharma Meets Fun: How Questex Reeled in Engagement for AdTheorent Health

September 18, 2023
Play Video about Prize Crane | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

In a digital age where healthcare meets machine learning, how do you break the mold and create an authentic, hands-on experience? Questex, a global leader in business events and digital media, took on this challenge with flair at the Digital Pharma East conference. Their client, AdTheorent Health, with a tagline of “Machine Learning for Healthcare,” was eager to make a lasting impression. The result? A customized Prize Crane activation that made waves at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Prize Crane | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Prize Crane | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Though seemingly simple, the Prize Crane was ingeniously tailored to resonate with the event’s high-tech atmosphere while aligning with AdTheorent Health’s brand identity. Filled with a variety of swag—branded hats, water bottles, socks, and even enticing mystery boxes—the Prize Crane was more than just a game; it was an extension of AdTheorent Health’s innovative ethos.

Elevating Brand Engagement: The Multi-Layer Impact

Prize Crane | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Prize Crane | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Sparking Genuine Conversations

The interactive nature of the Prize Crane served as an excellent conversation starter. Attendees weren’t merely spectators but became active participants, naturally prompting discussions about AdTheorent Health’s pioneering work in machine learning for healthcare.

Bringing the Physical to Digital

The tactile experience offered by the Prize Crane provided a refreshing counterpoint to the digital-heavy focus of the conference. This allowed attendees to physically engage with AdTheorent Health’s brand, which led to a more robust and memorable interaction.

Long-Term Brand Recall

The customized swag was not just a take-away but a lasting memory and continuous touchpoint for the brand. Every sip from the water bottle or glance at the hat serves as a gentle reminder of AdTheorent Health’s innovative approach, extending the brand engagement beyond the event.

Social Media Amplification

The Prize Crane’s novel experience encouraged attendees to share their “wins” and engagement on social media, further extending the reach and impact of AdTheorent Health’s presence at Digital Pharma East.

The Impact

Prize Crane | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Prize Crane | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Questex and AdTheorent Health’s Prize Crane activation was not just about the fun or the prizes. It was about creating a meaningful touchpoint that resonated with the audience’s interests and the conference’s themes. By transforming a simple game into an interactive branding powerhouse, they not only captured attention but also ignited conversations, extended brand recall, and multiplied their reach.

The activation serves as a testament to the power of well-crafted, interactive experiences in modern brand strategy—even in sectors as digitally focused as healthcare. In doing so, AdTheorent Health successfully transformed a momentary interaction into a lasting impression, showcasing the true potential of marrying technology with hands-on engagement.

Questex is a global powerhouse in business events and digital media, orchestrating interactive marketplaces that connect people and industries, fostering meaningful relationships and delivering measurable results. With an agile approach and data-driven strategies, Questex is where business innovation finds its pulse.

AdTheorent Health is a cutting-edge technology company revolutionizing the healthcare sector with machine learning solutions. With a focus on predictive targeting and real-time analytics, AdTheorent Health empowers brands to engage more effectively with their audiences, driving not only clicks but meaningful connections.

Digital Pharma East is the premier gathering spot for innovators and thought leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Focused on integrating digital technologies into healthcare solutions, the conference offers a dynamic platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and exploring the latest trends and challenges. From digital marketing strategies to machine learning applications, Digital Pharma East is the event where the future of pharma meets today’s technology.

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