Pedal to the Metal: How Money 20/20 Took Finance into the Fast Lane

October 27, 2023
Ascential's VR Racing Chairs at Money 20/20 | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Ascential's VR Racing Chairs at Money 20/20 | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Let’s face it, when you’re at a high-stakes finance conference like Money 20/20, hosted by Ascential, you’re probably expecting a lot of suits, ties, and perhaps some very serious pie charts. But what if we told you that the Money 20/20 conference at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas was home to something entirely different, something, dare we say, “vroom-worthy”?

That’s right; we had the thrill (pun intended) of introducing our VR Racing Chairs to Money 20/20. Not only did these bad boys drive traffic to the sponsor’s booth, but they also transformed the entire attendee experience.

A Turbo-Charged Opportunity for Instnt

It’s one thing to get a booth at a conference; it’s another thing entirely to make your booth the talk of the town (or, in this case, the talk of the Venetian Expo). Our fully customized racing platforms were wrapped to perfection, bearing the eye-catching branding of the event’s proud sponsor, Instnt. The leaderboard TV display? Customized too, because, let’s be honest, nothing says “high roller” like luxury cars and your name in (digital) lights.

This was a sponsorship opportunity like no other. Not only did Instnt get their name around in high-velocity style, but they also created a buzz that amplified their brand message in a fun, yet impactful way. The perfect pit stop for networking, the Instnt-branded VR Racing Chairs became a social magnet. People lined up, made bets, and experienced firsthand the kind of innovation and agility that Instnt represents.

Elevation or Acceleration? Why Not Both?

Conferences are all about opportunities—to learn, to network, and to showcase innovation. So, what happens when you combine all these elements with cutting-edge VR Racing Chairs? You get the epitome of audience engagement, a sponsorship opportunity worth its weight in gold, and a vivid example of how Interactive Entertainment Group can elevate a brand while accelerating an event.

And it didn’t stop at attendee engagement. With the help of our VR Racing Chairs, Money 20/20 achieved a new level of interactive sponsorship. The message was clear: Money 20/20 and Instnt are not just in the fast lane of their respective industries; they’re also driving forces in pushing those industries toward the future.

The epicenter of big ideas, innovation, and cutting-edge advancements in the world of finance, Money 2020 is not just a conference—it’s a revelation. With leaders, visionaries, and pioneers from across the globe, this event provides a dynamic platform for networking, learning, and shaping the future of money.

If Money 2020 is the stage, then Ascential is the masterful director behind the scenes. Specializing in specialized information, analytics, and eCommerce optimization, Ascential is the driving force that brings together the brightest minds in finance and technology. They create events that don’t just inform; they transform.

Instnt is not your average sponsor; they’re the disruptors of the digital world. Offering a platform that facilitates seamless customer onboarding, Instnt empowers businesses to take the fast lane in acquiring customers while maintaining compliance. When it comes to sponsoring an event, Instnt goes beyond just slapping their name on a banner—they redefine the audience experience.

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