May 4th: 6 Ways to Celebrate the Most Galactic Day of the Year

April 7, 2022

Calling all Star Wars Fanatics! With May the Fourth approaching at lighting speed, it’s finally time to begin planning for the most galactic day of the year. In honor of the unofficial holiday, we’ve rounded up six light-sabing ways to celebrate all things Star Wars.

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Star Wars Battle Pods


This experiential arcade game features a dome-shaped screen, transporting players into heated battles in a galaxy far, far away. In iconic locations like the Death Star, players will be able to take control of some of the most memorable vehicles in the Star Wars universe and pilot them to victory.

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VR Beat Saber


Combining music and virtual reality, Beat Saber is a high-tech rhythm game taking place in a surreal neon environment. Guests will use VR motion controllers, wielding a pair of glowing sabers, to slash a stream of approaching blocks corresponding to the beat of the music.

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Giant Space Invaders


Experience Space Invaders like never before with our giant, LED version. Complete with two battle seats, players will take off on an intergalactic mission to destroy the invading enemy spaceships as they descend the screen. Game modes include a solo-mission or head-to-head competition.

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Augmented Reality Climbing Wall


From motion tracking to projected graphics, immerse yourself in a bevy of interactive two player challenges powered by augmented reality technology. All games can be recorded and played back on the “climbing wall” or automatically uploaded to YouTube.

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Immersive 3D Augmented Reality


Be among the first to experience world-class truly immersive augmented reality entertainment. Visors enable guests to move through and interact with a stunning 3D holographic environment. The environment responds to your location, hand gestures and even eye gaze interactions.

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Mixed Reality Paint Studio


Step into our virtual reality art studio and paint the world around you in 360 degrees! Guests will paint in mid-air, choosing from dozens of paint colors, brush styles and animated effects. The virtual studio will be showcased live on screen, getting onlookers excited to try it out for themselves.

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