Making Waves in Wealth Management: Intelliflo’s Virtual Surfing Simulator at Future Proof Festival

September 28, 2023
Virtual Surfing Simulator | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Virtual Surfing Simulator | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Set in the picturesque Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach, California, the Future Proof Festival is far from your average finance event. It’s here that intelliflo, a game-changer in the financial advisory sector, broke conventional boundaries using our Virtual Surfing Simulator.

What set our Virtual Surfing Simulator apart? It offers a motion-powered experience where participants use their natural body weight to navigate through digital waves displayed on a giant screen. A leaderboard added a layer of competition, while custom-colored trussing socks and a branded bottom wrap integrated intelliflo’s visual identity into the experience. Those who caught the perfect wave had a chance to win a special prize, adding a tangible thrill to the mix. 

After their virtual surf session, attendees were invited to cool down with some ice-cold canned water, offering a refreshing pause before diving into live demos of intelliflo’s robust suite of advisory services. The casual yet engaging setting provided the ideal platform for deeper conversations about navigating the financial waves with intelliflo’s technology.

The intelliflo Virtual Surfing Simulator experience epitomized how Interactive Entertainment Group specializes in elevating brands and enhancing events. We created an environment that was not just interactive but also aligned perfectly with intelliflo’s forward-thinking, innovative brand ethos.

  1. Tangible Engagement: The leaderboard system encouraged repeated participation and engagement, increasing booth footfall.

  2. Brand Alignment: Every element, from the custom trussing socks to the bottom wrap, was meticulously tailored to align with intelliflo’s corporate identity.

  3. Integrated Experience: The seamless transition from a playful surfing simulation to a live demonstration of complex financial tech solutions enabled intelliflo to cast a wider net and engage a more diverse audience.

As attendees rode the digital waves at the Future Proof Festival, they also discovered how to ride the wave of financial technology innovations with intelliflo. Through engaging experiences like the Virtual Surfing Simulator, Interactive Entertainment Group is rewriting the script on what corporate entertainment can achieve: from simple amusement to strategic brand elevation.

So, are you ready to make your next corporate event a wave of unforgettable experiences? Surf’s up! 🌊

Redefining the landscape of financial advisory, intelliflo is your passport to innovative solutions that empower, streamline, and transform. Merging cutting-edge technology with practical expertise, we offer a suite of advisory tools that equip you to navigate the dynamic world of wealth management. Experience the future of advisory today and surf the wave of financial innovation.

The Future Proof Festival is not your typical finance event; it’s the world’s largest wealth management extravaganza where innovation takes center stage. Set against the backdrop of the stunning Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach, this festival is where the boundaries of traditional wealth management get shattered, only to be redefined through immersive experiences, engaging speakers, and cutting-edge tech solutions. Catch the wave of the future—only at the Future Proof Festival. 

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