Get Down & Derby: 6 Kentucky Derby Entertainment Ideas

April 7, 2022

Mark your calendars: The 148th annual Kentucky Derby is Saturday, May 7th, and we couldn’t be more ready. With “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” right around the bend, now is the time to begin planning the festivities. From classic roll-a-ball horse racing to giant horseshoes, we’ve rounded up five front running entertainment ideas to get guests down and derby.

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Roll-a-Ball Horse Racing


Cue the nostalgia with a horse racing classic. To play, players roll their ball into one of three speed zones activating their score marker to move toward the finish line. Tailor the experience to your derby celebration with a fully skinned exterior and customizable score markers (i.e., replace the classic horses with derby hats, mint julep glasses, derby pies, etc.).

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Interactive Horse Racing


With virtual horse racing, your guests become the jockeys! Guests will hit randomly illuminated buttons to control the speed of their horse. The faster a player’s reflexes, the faster the virtual horses will gallop along the racetrack shown on the big screen.

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Giant Horseshoes


Take horseshoes to a whole new level with our larger-than-life version. Guests will put their tossing skills to the test as they take turns throwing giant horseshoes as close to the target as possible.

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Themed Races


From horses to cars to even motorcycles, use your imagination to create your very own themed races. Players will take turns using the giant dice tumbler, indicating how much to move their game pieces toward the finish line.

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Derby Race


Place your bets! Riders will have a blast as they hop down the inflatable racetrack toward the finish line.

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Night at the Races: Virtual Edition


Unable to meet in-person this year? Grab your laptop and derby hat for a virtual horse racing extravaganza! Prior to the event, participants will complete a virtual form to select their horses. Participants will connect virtually to cheer on horses in real time. While there is no real betting involved, we encourage prizes for an extra incentive.


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