Elevating QuickBooks Connect with Agency EA

November 29, 2023

In the dynamic world of corporate events, making a memorable impact is paramount. This is precisely where we stand out, as demonstrated in our recent collaboration with Agency EA at QuickBooks Connect. Our mission was to enhance the booths of two forward-thinking software companies: Expensify and Rightworks. The outcome was an unforgettable blend of technology and engagement, achieved through customized experiential products

Expensify's Custom Prize Crane | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Expensify's Custom Prize Crane | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Expensify, renowned for its user-friendly expense management software, aimed to reflect its brand’s innovative and accessible nature. Our solution was a tailor-made Prize Crane, but with a twist. Unlike traditional prize cranes that often challenge users, this one was designed to be effortlessly enjoyable, mirroring the ease of using Expensify’s platform. Filled with custom swag, it allowed attendees to win easily, reinforcing the message that Expensify turns daunting tasks into delightful experiences. This interactive, engaging showcase not only attracted attendees but also left them with a tangible and enjoyable memory of what Expensify stands for.

Rightworks' Custom Cash Cube | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Rightworks' Custom Cash Cube | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Rightworks, a leader in procurement software, sought to demonstrate its capabilities in making business processes efficient and effective. IEG brought this concept to life with the exciting Cash Cube. This hands-on attraction was not just a game; it symbolized Rightworks’ proficiency in swiftly capturing value, mirroring the experience of using their cutting-edge solutions. Participants trying to grab cash in a swirling booth embodied the fast, rewarding nature of Rightworks’ services, creating an enduring impression of the brand’s efficiency.

The success of these activations can’t be discussed without praising Agency EA, a pivotal partner in this endeavor. Their expertise in strategic event planning and execution was instrumental in seamlessly integrating our customized experiences into the overall event theme. Agency EA’s ability to understand and translate brand visions into physical spaces set the stage for our experiential products to shine, making the booths of Expensify and Rightworks the talk of QuickBooks Connect.

Wrapping it Up

At Interactive Entertainment Group, we believe in the power of memorable experiences as the foundation of effective brand engagement. Our collaboration with Agency EA at QuickBooks Connect exemplifies this belief. By customizing the Prize Crane for Expensify with easy wins and custom swag, and creating the Cash Cube experience for Rightworks, we delivered unique, immersive experiences that entertained and resonated with the brands’ core messages. This event went beyond showcasing products; it was an experiential journey that elevated brands, fostered connections, and left a lasting impact on everyone involved.

Agency EA stands at the forefront of strategic event planning and execution. Renowned for their ability to translate brand visions into compelling physical spaces, they play a pivotal role in transforming corporate events into memorable experiences. With expertise that spans across various industries, Agency EA is the go-to partner for companies looking to make a lasting impact in their events.

QuickBooks Connect is the premier event where business meets innovation. This conference brings together accountants, entrepreneurs, and industry experts, offering a platform for learning, networking, and growth. It’s an annual gathering that showcases the latest in business and financial software, providing attendees with insights, inspiration, and connections to propel their businesses forward.

Expensify revolutionizes the way businesses handle expense reports. Their platform offers an intuitive, user-friendly experience that simplifies financial management tasks. By integrating innovative technology with a focus on user accessibility, Expensify ensures that managing expenses is not just easy, but also enjoyable.

Rightworks is a leader in procurement software, dedicated to making business operations more efficient and effective. Their cutting-edge solutions empower companies to streamline their procurement processes, enhancing productivity and profitability. Rightworks is committed to delivering fast, reliable, and user-friendly tools that transform the way businesses manage their procurement needs.

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