Cybersecurity Meets Interactive Fun: Inside Our Role at ISC2 Security Congress 2023

November 15, 2023

The ISC2 Security Congress 2023 was not just a congregation of cybersecurity professionals; it was a celebration of the relentless spirit and intellectual prowess that defines this community. Interactive Entertainment Group played a pivotal role in enhancing this prestigious event, injecting a unique blend of excitement and engagement through our innovative entertainment solutions.

Batak Pro Challenge | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Batak Pro Challenge | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

The Batak Pro Challenge is more than just a game; it’s a metaphor for the quick reflexes and sharp responses needed in the cybersecurity world. Customized to resonate with the theme of the event, the challenge area was decked in vibrant green with the enticing question, “What is your reaction time?” flashed across. This wasn’t just a physical test but a clever nod to the quick decision-making skills vital in cybersecurity.

Participants vied for the top positions on a digital leaderboard, with the first 25 players scoring 90 points each day earning a $25 Amazon gift card, courtesy of the conference. This competitive yet fun atmosphere mirrored the conference’s ethos of empowerment and excellence.

Giant Screen Pac Man | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Giant Screen Pac Man | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Giant Screen Pac Man was not just a game station; it was a melting pot of nostalgia, strategy, and networking. Attendees competed in pairs, adding a layer of camaraderie and friendly competition to the event. The highest scorer by the close of the show was awarded a grand prize – a Guild Starfire DC Semi hollow electric guitar in emerald green, symbolizing the blend of artistry and precision akin to cybersecurity expertise.

Moreover, two lucky daily winners were chosen to receive a $250 gift card to Boot Barn, adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the event. This initiative perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the conference – a harmonious blend of professional development and personal enjoyment.

Elevating Brands, Enhancing Experiences

At Interactive Entertainment Group, our role extends beyond providing entertainment. We elevate brands and enhance events by creating experiences that resonate with the audience’s professional ethos and personal interests. By integrating our entertainment solutions into the fabric of the ISC2 Security Congress 2023, we not only added an element of fun but also fostered an environment conducive to networking, learning, and growth. Our approach is about understanding the pulse of an event and amplifying it with the right touch of interactive engagement.

Security Congress brings together cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals for an annual conference designed to enrich careers, enable advancement so that attendees may excel in their profession. Since 2011, ISC2 has hosted this annual conference around the United States, with this year’s event taking place in Nashville, Tennessee, from October 25-27 at The Gaylord Opryland Resort. For more information on Security Congress, visit or follow them on Twitter.

ISC2 is an international nonprofit membership association focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. Best known for the acclaimed Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) certification, ISC2 offers a portfolio of credentials that are part of a holistic, pragmatic approach to security. The association of candidates, associates and members, more than 365,000 strong, is made up of certified cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals who are making a difference and helping to advance the industry. Its vision is supported by its commitment to educate and reach the general public through our charitable foundation – The Center for Cyber Safety and Education™. For more information on ISC2, visit, follow them on Twitter or connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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