Building More Than Bears: ow UGA Turned a Simple Event into a Student Engagement Phenomenon

September 1, 2023

Building bears may be a timeless activity, but what happens when you add a dash of digital adrenaline to the mix? Enter Interactive Entertainment Group and the University of Georgia’s (UGA) recent “Bears to Build” event. We cranked up the dial by introducing a trifecta of next-level gaming experiences—Giant Pac Man Battle, Dance Dance Revolution, and Giant Battleship. The result? An event that not only allowed students to create cuddly companions but also elevated the brand of the university, making it an unforgettable evening that truly lived up to the term ‘interactive entertainment’.

Bears Meet Battlestations: Elevating Traditional Events

Giant Pac Man Battle | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Giant Pac Man Battle | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

The Fontaine Center for Student Well-being at UGA has always been committed to creating a balanced, enjoyable environment for students. This year, their popular “Bears to Build” event promised a creative way for students to unwind, have fun, and create memories by building their own stuffed bears.

But this was not your run-of-the-mill stuffed animal soiree. With our high-octane gaming experiences, students discovered an incredible fusion of traditional arts and crafts with cutting-edge interactive entertainment. The combination elevated the event, enhancing its attraction and broadening its appeal.

Giant Battleship | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Giant Battleship | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Taking strategy games to a whole new level, our Giant Battleship game added a cerebral twist to the proceedings. The enlarged game board and oversized ship pieces transformed what is typically a tabletop game into an interactive spectacle, combining teamwork, strategy, and suspense into one compelling package.

Brand Value

By integrating this giant-sized game of naval warfare, UGA showed its commitment to offering diverse and intellectually stimulating experiences, further distinguishing its brand among educational institutions.

Dance Dance Revolution | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Dance Dance Revolution | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

While Giant Pac Man appealed to competitive spirits, our Dance Dance Revolution setup catered to those who wished to express themselves through movement. The kinetic energy of Dance Dance Revolution turned the event space into a pulsating dance floor, allowing students to shake off the stress of the academic grind.

Event Impact

It was not just about fun; it was therapeutic. By engaging both body and mind, Dance Dance Revolution contributed to the Fontaine Center’s mission of promoting student well-being.

Giant Pac Man Battle | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Giant Pac Man Battle | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Who hasn’t dreamt of stepping into the neon maze of a Pac Man game? With our Giant Pac Man Battle setup, the classic arcade game was blown up to a larger-than-life scale. Students could literally immerse themselves in the game, battling it out for the high score while cheering crowds formed around the illuminated arena.

Brand Impact

Let’s talk brand enhancement. In the modern world, experiences are the currency of cool, and UGA added significant capital to their brand’s reputation by offering such an innovative and engaging activity. It made for perfect Instagrammable moments, spreading the word about the university’s progressive approach to student events.

Wrapping it Up

The “Bears to Build” event at UGA was more than a cuddly crafting session; it was a testament to how interactive gaming experiences can elevate traditional events into unforgettable occasions. From social engagement to stress relief and intellectual stimulation, these gaming add-ons captured the essence of what modern university life should be—diverse, dynamic, and downright fun.

Interactive Entertainment Group is proud to have been a part of this transformation. We believe in the power of experiences to elevate brands and enhance events. If you’re looking to bring a similar X-factor to your next event, don’t hesitate to reach out. After all, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

About University of Georgia (UGA)

Founded in 1785, the University of Georgia (UGA) is a prestigious public research university that combines the best of Southern charm and rigorous academics. With over 200 degree programs across 17 schools and colleges, UGA is a hub of innovation, providing a transformative education that prepares students for global challenges. Renowned for its vibrant student life, the institution continually evolves its offerings to enhance the student experience.

About “Bears to Build”

UGA’s “Bears to Build” event, organized by The Fontaine Center for Student Well-being, offers students a chance to relax, craft their own stuffed bears, and create lasting memories. The event seamlessly blends traditional crafting with interactive entertainment to elevate the experience. It’s not just about building bears; it’s about building community, joy, and well-being among UGA’s student body.

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