6 Reasons January is the New December for Holiday Parties

November 28, 2023
Holiday Party Meme by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

The holiday season is traditionally marked by December’s festive cheer, a time where corporate events often jostle for space in the crowded calendar. However, a new trend is emerging: January is fast becoming the go-to month for hosting corporate holiday parties. Here’s why this shift makes perfect sense, offering a unique blend of practicality and inclusivity.


1. Dodging the December Rush

December is synonymous with a whirlwind of activities. Between wrapping up year-end projects and personal commitments, employees often find themselves double-booked. Moving the corporate holiday party to January means navigating clear of the December rush. It’s not just about finding a date that works for everyone; it’s about ensuring that when the party does happen, attendees aren’t mentally compiling their to-do lists instead of enjoying the moment.


2. A New Year, A Fresh Start

January symbolizes new beginnings. Hosting a holiday party in this month can be symbolic of starting the year on a positive note. It’s a time when people are setting personal and professional goals, and what better way to kickstart this process than by bringing everyone together in a celebratory setting? It’s not just a party; it’s a launchpad for the year ahead.


3. Easier and Economical Venue Bookings

Let’s talk logistics. Venues that are nearly impossible to book in December suddenly open up in January. Not only does this mean more options, but often, it translates into more favorable pricing. By choosing January, you’re likely to get the venue you want, at a price that doesn’t make your finance department wince. It’s a win-win situation where the budget goes further, possibly allowing for more lavish decorations or entertainment.


4. Inclusivity at Its Heart

Inclusivity should be at the core of any corporate event. December parties often revolve around Christmas, which might not resonate with everyone. By hosting the event in January, it detaches the celebration from specific religious holidays and embraces a more inclusive approach. This move ensures that the party is about the company and its people, regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds.


5. Something to Look Forward To

January can often feel like a long, slow start to the year, with the holiday excitement behind us. A corporate party in January provides employees with something to look forward to. It breaks up the monotony of the return to work and gives everyone a chance to reconnect after the holidays in a relaxed, festive environment.


6. Themes with a Twist

January opens up creative possibilities for themes that might feel out of place in December. Think winter wonderlands, new beginnings, or even a ‘beat the January blues’ theme. This flexibility allows for more creative and engaging events that stand out from the typical holiday fare.


Wrapping it Up

Moving your corporate holiday party to January is more than just a scheduling convenience; it’s a strategic choice that offers numerous benefits. From ensuring better attendance and enjoying cost savings to promoting inclusivity and providing something to look forward to in the new year, January might just be the ideal time for your next corporate celebration.

Remember, at Interactive Entertainment Group, we specialize in creating unforgettable experiences that elevate brands and enhance events. Hosting your corporate holiday party in January is not just a trend; it’s a statement that your company is thoughtful, inclusive, and forward-thinking. Let’s make your next event a January to remember!

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