5 Virtual Event Ideas

June 23, 2020

As a result of COVID-19, millions of employees have begun to work remotely. With strict limits on social gatherings implemented indefinitely, organizations around the world have postponed or canceled their events all together. These limits have made it extremely difficult for employees to interact on a personal level, reducing their morale and motivation throughout the workday.

While cancelling events may have initially seemed like the only option, virtual events have made it possible for employees to come together in new and safe ways. With that said, Interactive Entertainment Group has pivoted many of its existing products to function in a virtual setting. See below for five virtual event ideas that will tie your team together and increase productivity in the long run:

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Each round, employees will have a speedy 30 seconds to find a specified object from their homes. To receive points, the object must be brought into camera view before the buzzer! A live host will motivate players and keep track of points. We suggest incentivizing participants with a reward for the winning team.

Virtual%20Scavenger%20Hunt 0 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Virtual Olympic Game Show

Engage participants remotely with custom mini games and challenges. Our live host creates a competitive edge for participants, enabling them to interact with one another in an exciting new way. With all participants in one place, this activation is ideal for corporate training and team building. Just add prizes for an added incentive.

Virtual Olympic Game Show

Fabulous Feud: Virtual Edition

If your team has been working remotely, Zoom has likely become second nature by now. And while the platform was initially used for strictly business, our virtual activation gives the platform a whole new purpose. With a live virtual host facilitating the activity, employees are kept on the same page and are able to interact with their coworkers in an exciting new way.

Fabulous Feud: Virtual Edition

Night At The Races: Virtual Edition

Grab your best hat and boots, cause virtual horse racing is here! Prior to the event, all participants will be granted access to a betting document, where they will input their name and pick their horses. The event will take place via Zoom, where up to 100 participants can join. Those whose horses place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each round will automatically be entered for the chance to win prizes decided by the client. Winners will be announced by the host in real time!


Virtual Jeopardy

Hosted on a video chat style platform, our Virtual Jeopardy puts a new twist on a classic game show, featuring custom questions, answers, and branding. Just like the real thing, this game show features a live host and scoreboard.

Virtual Jeopardy

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