5 Spook-Tacular Workplace Event Ideas

October 1, 2022

With the end of the year creeping up, there is no doubt that spooky season is upon us. While Halloween is often considered a kid’s holiday, there is no reason your team can’t get in on the hocus pocus.

Beyond the fun tricks and treats, hosting a Halloween-themed event has the power to lift the spirits of your entire staff. From an eerie escape room to Halloween-themed beverages, keep reading for five ways to incorporate some mystifying magic into your workplace this October.

Spinning Vortex Tunnel

1 24 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Whether you incorporate it into your haunted house or use it as an entryway to your spooktacular, this illusion is guaranteed to test the senses. Guests will lose spatial awareness upon entering the tunnel, making even the slightest movement feel like a thrill.

Joker’s Cabin Escape Room

2 24 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Rather than opting for your typical haunted house, why not switch it up with an eerie escape room? Team members are in for a real trick-or-treat as they navigate the cabin for clues, allowing them to disable a ticking time bomb. With just 10 minutes on the clock, the experience is just the right amount of unsettling. Don’t let the joker have the last laugh!

Halloween Beverages

4 22 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Trick or Treat! From ghosts to vampires, transform your guests into creatures of the night with a variety of nightmarishly fun drink options.

Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine

3 22 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Think twice before approaching Zoltar, a sinister genie who moves, speaks, and makes eye contact with guests as he delivers their fortune. Once finished speaking, a fortune card is dispensed the fate of each guest is determined. Enhance the experience with audio messages and fortune cards.

Virtual Sooky Trivia

5 12 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Can’t meet in person this year? With topics ranging from horror movies to the holiday’s traditions, this trivia game is a frighteningly fun way to get your spook on. Each time a Halloween-themed question appears, participants will have 20 seconds to lock in their answer. A game pin will allow participants to answer questions in real time via their smart device. Once time’s up, points will be awarded to those with the correct answer selected.

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