4 Ways to Master Engaging Event Experiences

May 20, 2022

Feeling like your company events are lacking in excitement? If your team plans events on a regular basis, finding innovative ideas can often feel like a struggle. To make your events truly memorable, it’s important to recognize the power of the experience. In fact, 80% of event professionals say their jobs are more focused on experiences than ever before.

Sure – any event is technically an experience, but let me ask you this: is it an immersive one? If the answer is no, consider incorporating elements like interactive gaming and virtual reality. These experiential details can go a long way, allowing you to craft an environment that will stick with attendees long after your event ends.

Keep reading for four tips to transform your events into worthwhile experiences.

1. Incorporate prizes into the experience 

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While prizes can be an excellent way to get people motivated, you need to make sure they are paired with a worthwhile experience to ensure memorability. Imagine entering a raffle or spinning a wheel. Boring, right? Now imagine diving for funny money in a giant human claw machine? That’s an experience you’ll remember. Cha-ching.

Inspo: Giant Human Claw MachinePrize CraneSocial Media Vending Machine 

2. Play around with virtual reality 

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While VR as a concept has been around for decades, the technology has become more immersive than ever before. From space missions to rollercoasters and beyond, you have the power to transport guests to a variety of exhilarating environments. When implemented properly, VR can be used to gage interest on a product, educate an audience on a topic, tell a story and so much more.

Inspo: VR 360VR SlideVirtual Reality Pods 

3. Tie competition to your event goals 

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Everyone loves a little competition, so why not incorporate it into your next event? Tie the challenge to your event goals by adding customization to your leaderboard, score markers, gaming graphics, etc.

Inspo: Batak ProUrban HoopsRoll-a-BallVirtual Race Chairs 

4. Channel the senses  

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Senses are known to be associated with memories, but it’s going to take more than hors d’oeuvres to make your event stand out. From custom cotton candy art to beverages with your company’s branding, create an experience that’s as satisfying to the eye as it is to your pallet.

Inspo: Branded BeveragesCotton Candy ArtLiquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 

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