4 Ways to Make Fall Semester a ~Vibe~

September 13, 2022

With pumpkin spice making its return and leaves beginning to change color, now’s the perfect time to begin planning this semester’s fall events. Whether you are hosting a fall fest, Halloween spooktacular or a football tailgate, keep reading for a variety of experiences to invigorate the campus community this autumn.

Ultimate Sports Arena

1 21 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Nothing says fall quite like football. Perfect for tailgating, this realistic sports simulator will allow any student to be the star player on your university’s football team. Tailor the experience to your school with logos and products incorporated into the virtual stadium.

Churros Cart

3 19 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Satisfy students’ sweet tooth this fall with our mouthwatering churros, baked hot and fresh during your campus event. With unlimited servings included, our churros cart is the ultimate draw for a successful event.

Spinning Vortex Tunnel

5 10 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Leave students and faculty and mystified with an illusion guaranteed to test the senses. As guests enter the tunnel, they will lose spatial awareness, making even the slightest movement feel thrilling.

Axe Throwing

4 19 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Feel the thrill of axe throwing without the danger! Our multi-player player inflatable features two giant dart boards and perfectly weighted velcro axes, giving students a true axe throwing sensation!

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