John Travolta

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John Travolta

This Travolta lookalike not only looks and sounds just like Travoltas characters but his body language is also the same as any of the characters. The combination of these lookalike qualities is what impresses his guests so much and thats what makes his parties and events so successful. His show which is approx. 23 minutes long will get the crowd excited and bring back all the memories of those great times. Either the "GREASE", "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" shows or both shows can be performed. Dancing to the music from those great fun movies and keeping the crowd involved is what makes his performance so special. He has a special talent for crowd interaction and pleasing his audience. After he dances to the songs from "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" and/or "GREASE" he meets, greets, takes photos and mingles with your guests. Phil can also do other characters of Travolta but the two main ones are from the two hit movies "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" and "GREASE". You can hire him to perform, walk around with meet and greet and photo opts or you can have him for just a simple walk around only with meet and greet and photo opts. The choice is yours. Fees will vary of course if the performance package is chosen. This Travolt6a lookalike/sound alike grew up in no other place than Bay Ridge, Brooklyn so his natural personality is like that of the character Tony Manero" from "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER". These Brooklyn built in qualities us what makes him a natural and so realistic. John Travolta actually came to Brooklyn to learn from guys like Phil about how to walk, talk and act like a "Brooklyn" guy for his hit movie "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER". That's why he does the impersonation so well. The strong resemblance is the coincidental part! Phil always says ,"I am just imitating Travolta imitating me!" Phil brings that personality into the "Danny Zucco" character as they are similar to each other so he portrays that character just as good. You will have a great time with either character he portrays. Satisfaction guaranteed! Impress your friends, family and guests at your next event.It will be a party they will never forget-and always remember. He truly is the very best. Thats the quality you want to have at you party or event. Please book as early as possible as dates can be held only with a signed contract. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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