Your Guide to Virtual Events

October 19, 2020

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Thinking about hosting a virtual event, but unsure how to begin? Check out our Five Point Plan, which will walk you through the process from concept to seamless execution:

1. Why host a virtual event?

Let’s face it, remote work can be isolating. Without the face-to-face interaction people are used to, coworker relationships have become increasingly difficult to maintain. These weakened relationships are more than likely to have a negative impact on an organization’s overall morale and productivity. Virtual events provide a solution. By engaging employees in activities unrelated to their work, these casual gatherings can help avoid burnout and can even forge unexpected relationships.

2. What’s my objective?

After making the decision to host a virtual event, you must decide what you would like your program to accomplish. Whether you are looking to educate your staff, raise money, boost morale or simply show client appreciation, IEG offers a gamut of virtual offerings to suit each one of your needs.

3. How do I choose a program?

We encourage you to check out our Virtual Product Guide, which includes a summary, features list, demo video, pricing and add-ons for each one of our products. Contact us after reviewing the guide, and a member of our team will provide suggestions based on your organization’s needs.

4. How do I go about planning a virtual event?

It’s easier than you think! Once booked, you will receive a call from one of our virtual hosts who will run through all the basics. Shortly after, you will receive a Virtual 411 document specific to your program. This document will go into detail regarding pre-show requirements, virtual game recommendations, customization opportunities and a run-of-show. We do all the leg work, so you can enjoy your event!

5. What does a typical virtual event’s run-of-show entail?

One hour prior to the event, we ask that you share a reminder and program link to participants. Approximately 15 minutes prior, our host will open the program for participants to join. At the start of the show, we recommend that a company liaison introduces the host and makes any necessary announcements. The host will then begin the activity, which will last approximately 50-55 minutes. To wrap up, the host will announce winners and any prizes.

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