Virtual Product Guide: Holiday Edition

May 10, 2020

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s finally time to begin planning your end of year gathering! While your organization may not be hosting a physical event this year, virtual get-togethers make it possible for companies to create a sense of togetherness among employees, while rewarding them for their hard work throughout the year. Not to mention, these events are not limited by venue size, weather or travel.

See below for seven holiday-themed virtual event ideas guaranteed to spread some cheer throughout your organization:

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Virtual Holiday Hunt

Get team members in the holiday spirit with a new twist on a classic activity. Each round, participants will have 30 seconds to find a holiday themed object around their homes. To earn points for their team, participants must bring the object into camera view before the buzzer!

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Holiday at the Races: Virtual Edition

Our virtual horse racing just received a holiday makeover! From a wintery backdrop to horses with reindeer names, this activation will give participants all of the holiday feels. Prior to the event, all participants will be granted access to a betting document, where they will input their name and pick their horses. The event will take place via Zoom and winners will be announced in real time!

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Virtual Bingo

This game of chance just got a major upgrade. Participants will receive a Zoom link and a pin number to access the game via their smart devices. Once pin numbers are entered, participants will each receive an interactive Bingo card. Each time an ornament shaped ball is drawn, a corresponding animation will appear via Zoom. If your number is called, simply select the corresponding square on your smart device!

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Interactive Holiday Trivia

When it comes to the holidays, it’s ok to be a know-it-all. Each time a holiday-themed question appears, participants will have 20 seconds to lock in their answer. A game pin will allow participants to answer questions in real time via their smart device. Once time’s up, points will be awarded to those with the correct answer selected.

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Winter Olympic Game Show

Engage participants remotely with our winter-themed activation. To qualify for one of our five challenges, participants must win the proceeding mini game. Our live host creates a competitive edge for participants, enabling them to interact with one another in an exciting new way. Just add prizes for an added incentive.

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Virtual Holiday Jeoparty

Bring your team together with a classic game show virtually reimagined. Participants will connect via Zoom where they will access a giant game board filled with holiday-themed categories and clues! After a clue is revealed, participants will use their smart device to buzz in. The first person to ring in successfully will respond on behalf of their team.

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Virtual Casino

Introducing a new experience in remote business gatherings. Participants will join the event via Zoom, where they will be transported to a table of their choosing. Upon arrival at the session, participants will be greeted by a live dealer in our studio with a bird’s-eye view of a game table, playing cards and chips. For increased engagement, we suggest offering prizes for those with the most chips by the end of the event.

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