True North’s VR Rafting Experience

June 17, 2022

Hundreds of nature lovers flocked to Brown’s Island in Richmond, VA, for last month’s Dominion Energy Riverrock Festival. From outdoor activities like yoga and trail runs to pop-up activations from some of the country’s premier wellness brands, the festival offered attendees a plethora of ways to experience the city’s rich outdoor scene.

Distinguishing itself from the other vendors, Plant-based energy brand True North quite literally went the extra mile with its pop-up experience. Not only did the beverage brand offer free product to festivalgoers, but it made an even bigger splash with its virtual reality rafting experience. The simulator featured Oculus goggles and motion controls for an immersive 360-degree adventure. By incorporating this interactive element, True North successfully gave attendees a taste of where the energy drink can take them beyond the festival.

About True North

True North goes beyond the average seltzer (also known as sparkling water). Its plant-based energy blend is infused with natural caffeine from plants such as Guayusa, Ginseng, Guarana, and Green Tea. But they didn’t stop there. True North wanted to give you the added benefit of an immunity boost so you could feel good about fueling your body with everything it needs to keep you going on your journey. The beverage company kept all the stuff out that you don’t need, so you won’t find any sugar, nor sweeteners of any kind. True North gives you the purest of energy for your next adventure.

Dominion Energy Riverrock Festival

Dominion Energy Riverrock features a variety of outdoor sports including trail running, kayaking, and biking. The event was designed to promote Richmond’s unique riverfront, downtown trails and whitewater rapids to outdoor enthusiasts. Ultimately, the festival works to create a stronger appreciation for outdoor recreation throughout the entire Richmond region.

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