Take Your Booth from Monotonous to Magnetic

December 2, 2022

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to put your business in front of your target audience. But in a sea of exhibitors competing for attendees’ attention, it’s going to take a lot more than booth space to establish your presence at the show.

And while a nice display may draw people toward your booth initially, bright colors and flashy fabrication is not enough to keep attendees’ attention for more than a couple of seconds. To keep attendees interested, you’ll need to figure out a way to get attendees to experience your brand on a personal level. Keep reading for five experiences that will cut through the clutter and drive engagement at your booth.


Tie swag into an experience unique to your booth 

1 33 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.
Social Media Vending Machine | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

While swag is one of the most commonly used tactics at trade shows, most exhibitors go about it the wrong way. If you want exhibitors to remember you, you’ll need to tie the swag into an experience unique to your booth. Our social media vending machine is an excellent way to drive engagement while also generating buzz beyond the walls of the show. After an attendee tweets using your custom hashtag, they’ll be amazed as swag is dispensed automatically from the unit. Take the experience a step further with a custom form and fully skinned exterior.


Transport attendees somewhere new with virtual reality

2 32 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.
VR 360 | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

Long days on the show floor can get monotonous. Give attendees a break from business with our VR 360, a simulator attendees are guaranteed to flip over. From space missions to rollercoasters and beyond, the simulator features a variety of immersive experiences for attendees to choose from. Not only does the VR experience simulate the feeling of being upside down, but it actually spins a full 360-degrees.


Tap into nostalgia 

3 30 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.
Giant Pac Man Battle | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

Nostalgia marketing is taking the world by storm, providing an excellent opportunity to channel attendees’ longing for the past. Our giant version of Pac Man puts a unique twist on the classic arcade game, prompting up to four players to eat their opponents! Similar to the classic game, players can score points with fruits and power pellets and be eliminated by running into ghosts.


Channel attendees’ competitive side 

4 30 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.
Batak Pro | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

Put attendees’ hand-eye coordination to the test with the Batak Pro Challenge, a customizable game featuring 12 LED targets illuminated at random. To play, participants must strike the targets as fast as they can in a limited timeframe. Once time’s up, players will receive a score based on their reaction time. A custom leaderboard will keep attendees coming back to check their ranking throughout the show.


Satisfy attendees’ cravings 

Trade Show Booth Goals Q1 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

While attendees may be thankful in the moment for that Kit Kat you gave them, it likely won’t be the thing they remember about your trade show booth. Rather than simply handing out snacks throughout the show, why not tie the food into a memorable experience? Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, a mysical and creamy dessert, is a great example of how to do this. Using liquid nitrogen in the recipe, a cool fog billows out of the mixer as the ice cream is made before their very eyes. Since the dessert can be made in a matter of moments, attendees can customize their own flavor on the spot.

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