Step Inside CVS Health’s Custom Escape Room

August 25, 2022

Leaders in health and medicine united this June for CVS Healths newly launched Life Itself conference, a three-night retreat focused on celebrating extraordinary minds and ideas surrounding health innovation. From powerful conversations to interactive activations, the conference provided attendees with a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and experiences designed to move the industry forward.

Out of all the topics discussed at the conference, one stood out in particular: home health care. While hospital care is important, CVS Health noticed that home health care is often neglected, which could be detrimental to a patient’s proper recovery. To drive this point home (no pun intended), the company knew it had to do more than a mere educational session in an auditorium.

In collaboration with Derse, CVS Health worked with our in-house puzzle master to craft a completely customized escape room. From the storyline to props and everything in between, the process resulted in a one-of-a-kind escape experience designed specifically to help attendees envision the transition from hospital care to home care.

By applying gamification to its conference, CVS Health engaged attendees in a way that left them feeling a deeper connection to its mission.

About CVS

CVS Health is a provider of health care and retail pharmacy services. The company offers prescription medications, health care products, beauty products, personal care products, and cosmetics. It also offers pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services, disease management and related services, and administrative services, Medicaid health care management services and prescription drug plans.

About Life Itself 2022

LIFE ITSELF is a three-night retreat, converging about 50 speakers and a limited number of guests — leaders from multiple disciplines who intersect the fields of health & medicine. The conference took place from May 31st to June 3rd, 2022.

About Derse

Derse is a complete face-to-face marketing agency staffed, equipped, and dedicated to ensuring a more purposeful approach to building brand experiences. The company specializes in the planning and production of exhibits, events, and marketing environments.

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