Spring Fever: 5 Corporate Picnic Ideas

March 7, 2022


Mark your calendars! Daylight Savings is Sunday, March 13th. Take advantage of the extra hour of sunlight with a variety of bright ideas perfect for your next corporate outing.

Custom Corn Hole

1 3 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Enjoy the fun of a classic game with a modern twist. From day to night, our LED Corn Hole can be played anytime and anywhere.

Giant Mini Golf Course

4 1 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Putt your way to victory with our Giant Mini Golf Course, featuring a variety of obstacles to keep players on their toes! Choose from a three or nine-hole configuration.

Derby Race

3 2 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Place your bets! Riders will have a blast as they hop down the inflatable racetrack toward the finish line.

Giant Beer Pong

5 1 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

From corporate outings to private gatherings, channel your inner college kid with our life-sized version of a classic game. Each time a player throws the oversized ball, they aim to eliminate the other teams’ giant red cups until none remain.

Hungry Hungry Humans

2 4 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Time to chow down! This four-player bungee style game involves speed, strength and agility. Once the referee blows the whistle, players will race to the center pit to retrieve as many balls as possible. Once all balls are taken, the player with the largest stash wins.

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