Sportfive’s Strategic Approach to Fan Interaction at the Indy 500

May 31, 2024
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At the heart of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, amidst the roaring engines and fervent crowd, a unique sponsorship activation added an extra layer of excitement to the iconic Indy500 on May 23rd. Partnering with Sportfive, we brought their vision to life with our custom Batak Pro Challenge, delivering a high-energy, interactive experience that left a lasting impression on fans.

The activation, aptly named the Gainbridge Speed Reflex Challenge, encouraged fans to test their reflexes against the clock, with a target score of 60 or higher to win a coveted prize. The challenge, inspired by the lightning-fast reflexes of Colton Herta, was a hit among attendees who eagerly lined up to see if they could beat the infamous race car driver.

Our deployment included two uniquely branded Batak Pro units: one showcasing a cross-branding between the Indy500 and Gainbridge, and the other adorned with the sleek branding of Delaware Life. These visually engaging setups not only attracted participants but also served as eye-catching displays that enhanced brand visibility and engagement.

Interactive Fun with a Competitive Edge

The Batak Pro Challenge is designed to test and improve hand-eye coordination, stamina, and reaction times – perfect for a high-octane event like the Indy500. Participants stood in front of the units, awaiting the rapid-fire illumination of LED targets. As the targets lit up in random sequences, participants had to hit them as quickly as possible, racking up points and competing for the top score.

The competitive nature of the challenge, combined with the allure of winning a toy model of Colton Herta’s racer, created a buzz throughout the speedway. Fans of all ages were drawn to the challenge, eager to showcase their reflexes and earn bragging rights.

Special Guest Appearance by Sabré Cook

Sabré Cook and Fans at Indy 500 Batak Pro Activation | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Sabré Cook and Fans at Indy 500 Batak Pro Activation | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

Adding to the excitement, racing driver Sabré Cook, who is sponsored by Gainbridge, stopped by the fan activation to try the Batak Pro Challenge herself. Her participation not only thrilled fans but also amplified the activation’s reach through social media. Gainbridge and Sabré Cook collaborated on a social media post, which significantly boosted social impressions and highlighted the interactive experience.

Wrapping Up

Sportfive logo by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Wilnel was amazing as the team lead. He was quick and knowledgeable to the setup. The team provided added support to the activation and were very accommodating to work with. Always on time as well!


Senior Account Coordinator

The success of the Batak Pro Challenge at the Indy500 is a testament to the power of interactive experiences in brand activation. By engaging fans in a fun, competitive activity, Sportfive effectively enhanced their sponsorship presence and created memorable interactions that resonated with attendees. The dual branding of the Batak units ensured that both Gainbridge and Delaware Life received maximum exposure, seamlessly integrating their brands into the event’s atmosphere.

Our collaboration with Sportfive at the Indy500 exemplifies how tailored experiences like the Batak Pro Challenge can elevate brand activations, driving engagement, and creating lasting memories for fans. As we look to future events, we remain committed to delivering innovative, interactive solutions that captivate audiences and amplify brand messaging.

Sportfive is a global sports marketing agency that specializes in connecting brands, rights holders, media platforms, and fans. They leverage their extensive network and expertise to create powerful partnerships and innovative marketing solutions that drive engagement and maximize the value of sports sponsorships.

The Indy 500, also known as the Indianapolis 500, is one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world. Held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it is a cornerstone event in the IndyCar Series, attracting top drivers and massive global audiences with its thrilling high-speed competition and rich history.

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