Rex’s Big Reveal: An App Launch Party with a Giant Twist

June 5, 2023
Giant iPhone at Rex App Launch in NYC | Experience By Interactive Entertainment Group
Giant iPhone at Rex App Launch in NYC | Experience By Interactive Entertainment Group

On an evening when the Manhattan skyline was bathed in the warm hues of the setting sun, a buzz of excitement was in the air. The anticipation was palpable. The secret was out. Rex, the new place-sharing app that had previously been shrouded in an aura of mystery and exclusivity, was throwing its doors open to the public.

The chosen locale for the launch was the eclectic cloudM Rooftop, a vibrant social hub in the heart of NYC. With its remarkable views and eclectic aesthetic, cloudM was an apt reflection of Rex’s ethos—bringing together people and places that we love.

An App to Share What You Love

For the uninitiated, Rex is a unique social app designed to allow you to share places you adore with your friends. Dubbed ‘rex,’ these are recommendations that take social sharing to a whole new level, transforming the way you explore the cities you inhabit and visit. What sets Rex apart is its feature that allows you to transform photos into rex. It’s more than just about sharing experiences; it’s about creating a map of memories, curated not by faceless algorithms but by people you trust.

A Launch Party that Redefined Launch Parties

As dusk fell, the launch event was a spectacle that brought together the city’s who’s who. The soiree featured handcrafted cocktails, gourmet light bites, and a selection of chic branded apparel to commemorate the evening.

But the main attraction of the event? That would be the Giant iPhone that towered amidst the crowd, allowing Rex to bring its app to life on an enormous scale. The mammoth display was more than just an eye-catching spectacle—it was an interactive experience that invited guests to explore Rex’s interface, share their favorite places, and create rex on the spot.

The Giant iPhone was a masterstroke in experiential marketing. It allowed guests to physically interact with the app, enhancing the understanding of its features while adding an element of fun to the process. The gigantic touchscreen was the talk of the event, attracting guests who were curious to explore this new world of rex. It transformed the app from an abstract concept into a tangible entity, creating a memorable experience that resonated with the attendees.

As the evening unfolded, the Giant iPhone became a canvas that displayed the love for NYC. From serene parks and bustling food joints to underground art galleries and quirky shops, guests learned to use the app to craft rex that celebrates the city’s diverse locales. The digital map that came to life on the Giant iPhone wasn’t just a directory—it was a collective love letter to NYC, penned by those who knew it best.

A New Dawn for City Adventures

As the night ended, the launch of Rex left an indelible mark on everyone present. The beautiful venue, the light-hearted banter, the engaging Giant iPhone experience—all of these elements combined to make it an unforgettable event. But more importantly, it was a celebration of a new way to share and discover beloved places.

With Rex, city adventures will no longer be dictated by outdated guidebooks or impersonal review websites. Instead, you’ll have a treasure trove of recommendations from your friends, making every journey a personal one.

The launch party of Rex was more than a product unveiling—it was a milestone that signified a shift in how we interact with the places around us. And with the Giant iPhone, Rex demonstrated that sometimes, to truly appreciate something, you need to see it on a large scale.

Here’s to Rex, the giant leap in how we share the places we love. The journey has just begun, and the road ahead looks fascinating!

About Rex

Rex is an innovative app, revolutionizing the way we share and discover places. By allowing users to convert photos into personalized recommendations or ‘rex’, it enhances the experience of exploring cities. No longer confined to impersonal, generic reviews, Rex enables users to follow their friends and receive recommendations from trusted sources. It’s an intimate and social approach to city exploration—Rex transforms locations from mere coordinates on a map into cherished memories and shared experiences.


About CloudM Rooftop

cloudM Rooftop is one of New York City’s hidden gems, offering an unparalleled social space amidst the bustling cityscape. Located at the top of a towering skyscraper, it provides breathtaking views of the city’s iconic skyline. It’s not just a place for drinks and gatherings—it’s a place where New Yorkers and tourists alike can escape the city’s frenetic pace and find a moment of tranquility. With its stylish interiors, an extensive menu of craft cocktails, and an ambiance that’s both vibrant and relaxing, cloudM Rooftop is a true urban oasis, right in the heart of NYC.


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