Novak’s Bar Mitzvah at Gustavinos NYC

January 28, 2012

The “I-Team” out did themselves once again! Interactive Party had one heck of an event at the end of January! Alex Novak’s Bar Mitzvah was one party everyone will be talking about for a very long time. To start it off, the setting was amazing thanks to Gustavinos in Manhattan. Throughout the entire night, the party was MCed by the one and only Echo and along side was 4 dancers who danced the night away with the party guests. There were many other things to do as the night went on, Interactive Party had brought alot more fun with them with games that no one has ever seen before. One game that caught a lot of the guest’s attention, especially the kids, was our Goldfish Racing! Who knew fish could race? Interactive Party had also brought along their “Virtual Graffiti Wall” which is always a big hit at events. We also provided our “Light Up Ping Pong” table and everyone had a blast playing with it. Guests also had the opportunity to have some more fun with our Cool Pix green screen photo station, the guests had a variety of choices of backgrounds for their photos and photos were taken all night! There was dancing, music, giveaways, photos and alot more going on the rest of the night. To end the night off, Interactive Party brought out the Mini Donut Machine that marked a great ending to the party. Interactive Party would once again like to congratulate Alex on his Bar Mitzvah!

DSC0135 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc. DSC0159 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

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