Heineken’s Off the Track Formula 1 Sponsorship Activation

March 9, 2023

Heineken‘s sponsorship with Formula 1 racing in 2023 is a significant move for the beer brand, which has been expanding its presence in the sports world in recent years. With this partnership, Heineken aims to further establish itself as a global brand and connect with a wide audience of racing fans. Not only does the sponsorship include a large presence at F1 events worldwide, but it also involves a variety of fun events off the track.

Heineken VR Racing Chairs
VR Racing Chairs | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

To celebrate the sponsorship along with the launch of Heineken Silver, the beer brand hosted a brand promotion at Marquee New York. Amplified Marketing helped bring Heineken’s vision for the “off track” event to life with our VR Racing Chairs. Featuring VR headsets and realistic steering controls, attendees felt their adrenaline pumping as they raced in 360 virtual reality. Spectators became part of the ride as they watched the race via an external monitor. A custom leaderboard enhanced the experience and added a competitive edge to the game.


About Heineken 

Heineken is a Dutch multinational brewing company, founded in 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in Amsterdam. As of 2019, Heineken owns over 165 breweries in more than 70 countries. It produces 348 international, regional, local and speciality beers and ciders and employs approximately 85,000 people.

About Formula 1

Formula 1® racing began in 1950 and is the world’s most prestigious motor racing competition, as well as the world’s most popular annual sporting series: The 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship™ runs from March to December and spans 21 races in 21 countries across four continents. Formula One World Championship Limited is part of Formula 1® and holds the exclusive commercial rights to the FIA Formula One World Championship™.

About Marquee New York

A premiere entertainment haven, Marquee Nightclub in New York City attracts celebrities, world-class DJs, and partygoers from all over the globe for some of the industry’s most extravagant events. The original monumental 5,000-square-foot destination, Marquee offers an immersive party experience with extensive lighting, an elevated DJ booth, video, and laser systems to enhance the diverse musical talent headlining the venue.

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