Looking for a “booth magnet” to get attendees in your booth?

July 17, 2019

Looking for a “booth magnet” to get attendees off the tradeshow isle and in your booth? VR is the way to go!! As attendees walked the tradeshow isle in San Diego CA the VR pods grabbed the attention of so many! As one of the leading partners providing clinical services today, Ancillare has built the experience, expertise and network necessary to ensure protocol success from start to finish. Headquartered near Philadelphia, PA (USA) Ancillare has successfully managed the global clinical and ancillary supply chain for sponsor organizations of all sizes and therapeutic areas. Ancillare’s unique and dynamic clinical trials process management services include ancillary and clinical supplies management, regulatory compliance services and global logistics management. Each Ancillare Professional Team (APT™) provides the flexible staff augmentation necessary to service the largest and most complex modern protocols

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