Honey, We Shrunk the Students!

April 26, 2016

Rick Moranis isn’t the only one who can shrink someone! This week we shrunk the students of Rowan University in order to play some of their favorite games!

Okay, okay! We didn’t actually shrink any college students! But, we did make them feel smaller as they played some of our giant games. Students had a great time creating different luminous pictures with our Giant Light Bright. They also got a chance to play a Giant Game of Pool! And finally, students had a chance to play Hungry, Hungry Humans which is a spoof on the classic game Hungry, Hungry Hippos. In the original game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos, players manipulate the mouth of a hippo to try to get the most amount of balls. In our game, players are attached to bungee cords in order to try to be the first to acquire the most amount of balls.

It’s always fun when we get to visit a college campus! Rowan University, we will see you again soon!

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