EMS 2022: Event Marketers *Flipped* Over Our Booth

April 27, 2022

Ready to turn your events upside down? Event marketers from across the country were literally *flipping* over our VR 360 simulator at last week’s Experiential Marketing Summit at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. From space missions to rollercoasters and beyond, the simulator featured a variety of immersive experiences for attendees to choose from. Not only did the VR experience simulate the feeling of being upside down, but it actually spun attendees a full 360-degrees. As an added layer of immersion, attendees had the ability to shoot their enemies by pressing two red buttons and control their aim by adjusting their head placement. #EMSLive

About EMS Live 2022

For Event Marketer’s 20th annual Experiential Marketing Summit, attendees had the opportunity to connect with their peers, address their challenges, and find the solutions they need to adapt, grow and thrive in a constantly changing environment. Event Marketer’s faculty of brand-side marketing executives led the conversation across more than 40 educational sessions and experiences—all focused exclusively on events. How will the industry rise and recover in the months ahead? What are the world’s leading brands planning for 2022 and beyond? How will brand experiences change and adapt to our new reality?

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