Driving Booth Engagement at EXHIBITORLIVE

April 28, 2023
2 3 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.
Highlights from our booth at EXHIBITORLIVE: Photo Courtesy of Interactive Entertainment Group

We partnered with Exhibitor Group to Imagine – Interact – Inspire attendees at EXHIBITORLIVE, the leader in trade show and event marketing’s signature conference held this week in Louisville, KY.

At the conference, we showcased how our extensive inventory of immersive experiences leveraging branding, competition, and swag can stop attendees in their tracks and keep their brand top-of-mind.

At our main booth, our quick survey entered attendees into a drawing for a $250 Amazon gift card and gave them access to three interactive experiences. The first is our customizable Prize Crane, jam-packed with gift cards and other cool swag. And unlike the prize cranes at your standard arcade, ours was not rigged so attendees could  *actually* walk away with prizes. Attendees also tested their need for speed with our customizable Motion Racing Simulator, featuring a fully customizable leaderboard and a daily $100 Amazon gift card to those with the top score each day of the show.

“We are excited to partner with Interactive Entertainment Group to sponsor the conference’s mobile app and provide these interactive experiences for EXHIBITORLIVE attendees,” said Lauren Johnson, Director of Sales, Exhibitor Group.

In partnership with Exhibitor Group, we also showcased our Roll-a-Ball Racing game, which ties in perfectly with the upcoming Kentucky Derby.

“It’s also worth noting the Roll-a-Ball Racing game, along with most of our offerings, is highly customizable, making it a great opportunity for companies to inject fun into their booth while also communicating their brand story in a unique way,” said Patricia Dukofsky, Vice President at Interactive Entertainment Group.

Our booth would be nothing without our incredible event ambassadors who ranked as finalists for Best of Show Booth Staff.

Now for our prize winners. Drum roll please…

Grand Prize Winner:

$250 Amazon Gift Card: Megan Caroff, Highway 85 Creative

Motion Racing Simulator Champions

Day 1 $100 Amazon Gift Card: Jesse Strevell, Queen Exhibits

Day 2 $100 Amazon Gift Card: Joe Lapke, Exhibit Craft

Day 3 $100 Amazon Gift Card: Aaron Bybee, Griffco Graphics


EXHIBITORLIVE is the most comprehensive educational event for trade show and event marketing professionals, featuring 100 educational sessions and workshops. This event is attended by thousands of exhibit and event managers, and marketing and communications experts who are serious about improving their face-to-face marketing performance. In addition to the educational components and networking events, EXHIBITORLIVE features North America’s largest exhibition of trade show and event products and services. For more information, go to www.ExhibitorLive.com.

About Exhibitor Group:

The leader in trade show and corporate event marketing education, Exhibitor Group publishes EXHIBITOR magazine, an award-winning publication featuring best practices in trade show marketing. EXHIBITOR’s learning events include: EXHIBITORLIVE, The Conference and Exhibition for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketing; EXHIBITORFastTrak accelerated learning conferences; and EXHIBITOR eTrak, professional online learning. Exhibitor Group is also the founder of CTSM (Certified Trade Show Marketer), the industry’s only university-affiliated professional certification program, and the EXHIBITORNOW podcast, your source for the latest news and interviews with thought leaders in the trade shows and events. Learn more at www.ExhibitorOnline.com.

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